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Fashion student designed a beautiful 3D printed dress to demonstrate a novel fashion app concept – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 14, 2016 | By Tess

Whilst 3D printed styles are bringing off on the runway, it is equally amazing to see how additive making technologies have been incorporated in style schools. With prospective style turn it intoers being added to the innovation early on in their careers, we can just imagine the potentials of the next big names of 3D printed style turn it into. Perhaps one of those names can be Monika Januszkiewicz, a style student of the University of Huddersfield in the UK, who dove head initially into the world of 3D printed style for her final project.
Monika, a student in Fashion and Textile Buying Management, became interested in 3D printed style over the course of her last year of school while researching her dissertation and despite not having much experience with the innovation, she decided to hustle her own boundaries and commit to a 3D printed piece for her final project.

The project, which took an astounding two months to come together, consisted of creating a concept for an app which may allow users of all over the globe to interact with every other and share their style turn it intos and digital models. For her app, Monika set out to explore what it may mean or how it may work for folks to be able-bodied to download clothing turn it intos of the app and print them directly at home. To demonstrate her app’s concept in the many visual way, Monika decided to turn it into and 3D print a dress.
To assist her in her underbringing, Monika enlisted the assist of 3D printing service Materialise and 3D turn it intoer Piotr Dziubek, who assisted the style student to turn her sketches for the dress into a workable-bodied CAD file. In researching 3D printed styles, Monika in addition came across one of our favourite turn it intoers, Dutch-born Iris van Herpen, and was inspired by her new turn it intos and 3D printed garments, especially in the way of materials. That is, Monika chose to work with Materialise’s flexible TPU 92A-1 material, which van Herpen has worked with preceding.

The dress turn it into itself was inspired by dragon scales, and the final product is turn it intod up of an astounding 2000 interlocking 3D printed scales (or petals). With the turn it into freedom afforded by 3D printing technologies, Monika was able-bodied to turn it into the dress to her liking and was able-bodied to break through conventional style barriers. In fact, her final project was so astounding which ambitious student attained top marks of her teveryers.
And who knows, maybe one day in the near next we will actually get the accident to use her new app to print our clothes as easily as ordering apparel online.

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