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Fashion Spotlight: Jenny Wu LACE

by • February 3, 2016 • No Comments

This is a guest post by Shapeways Community member Jenny Wu.

I succeded in a grant of Shapeways to work on a 3D printing project with another emerging style turn it intoer, Jordana Howard of Echo and Air. The initially concept for the project was pretty easy, but the execution of the project opened up a world of possibilities. I accomplished the project was going to be a pursuit which
I can be working on for really a long time. A bit of my background, I am an architect and partner at the Los Angeles based firm, Oyler Wu Collaborative.


photo courtesy of LACE

A few years ago, I saw a void inside the 3D printed style market which
I idea I may fill. Most 3D printed style falls into two categories: the ultra avant-garde, iconic couture pieces which
have graced various types of
well known style runways to pieces turn it intod by DYI makers who are exploring 3D printing innovation. My collection positions itself a fewwhere in between, creating high end pieces which
are highly wearable (literally effortless to wear) but bring forth new turn it into which
utilizes my background in digital modeling to exploit 3D printing innovation to its fullest. Last Fall, I launched a line of ready-to-wear 3D printed jewelry collection called LACE by Jenny Wu and have succeded in overwhelmingly positive responses of both the tech and style world.


photo courtesy of LACE

Recently, much of the innovation in 3D printed style has been focused on creating entirely 3D printed clothing, shoes to accessories. For the grant, I was interested in merging 3D printing with conventional methods of style manufacturing. Similar to my own research in architecture, our office has turn it into new techniques of working with both digital fabrication with conventional wood or steel fabrication to turn it into work which
cannot be done solely based on one expertise. I approached Jordana Howard, a style turn it intoer based in Los Angeles, for this collaboration for the reason
of her interest in unconventional assembly and details in style. We have been working back and forth in belief how to turn it into new details in combining these two quite various ways of working to turn it into a piece of clothing. The initially piece is yet in its nascency. We started by patterning a conventional piece of clothing and and so looked at how fabric may weave into the 3D printed elements so which
they become one cohesive garment. Over the past few months, we have had to know the various technologies and methods to know how to turn it into a thing new. In the coming months, we hope to put a few of these efforts into the details of a ready-to-wear garment which
can inspire new ways of considering
of 3D printing in style.

Keep up with new LACE turn it intos on their instagram feed.

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