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Fashion label Threeasfour unveils two 3D-printed dresses for Biomimicry collection – Dezeen

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3D printed dresses by threeASFOUR
New York style house Threeasfour has announced a pair of 3D-printed dresses based on biological forms and textures.
The dresses, called Harmonograph and Pangolin, were announced on Monday at Threeasfour‘s Autumn Winter 2016 runway show during New York Fashion Week.
They form part of the brand’s Biomimicry collection, and are intended to demonstrate the “possibilities unfolding at the intersection of style, turn it into and technology”.3D printed dresses by threeASFOURThreeasfour’s Harmonograph dress is named after a mechanical device that uses pendulums to turn it into geometric imagesKnown for its rigorous turn it intos and experimental use of materials, Threeasfour is led by turn it intoers Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil.
The style house firstly began experimenting with 3D printing in 2013, in collaboration with Belgian company Materialise.
The two new dresses, defined by Gil as “the many high end 3D-printed dresses that we have turn it intod to date”, were turn it intod in collaboration with New York turn it intoer Travis Fitch and Stratasys, a Minnesota-based developer of 3D printing devices.3D printed dresses by threeASFOURThree spirals circle around the body, mimicking the Fibonacci sequenceThe new Harmonograph dress circles around the body in three spirals, mimicking the Fibonacci sequence. It is named after a mechanical device that uses pendulums to turn it into geometric images.
The Pangolin dress is derived of a signature Threeasfour turn it into that consists of 14 pattern pieces. In this new 3D-printed option, a single skin is turn it intod by mixing a variety of interlocking weaves.

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“The interwoven nature of the geometry may not be generated in a traditional manner, and it was significant to us that the turn it into should evoke a language one-of-a-kind to 3D printing,” said Gil.
The team utilised Stratasys’ Objet500 Connex3 3D printing device, that can print single objects with various colours and materials and empowers turn it intoers to alter properties such as rigidity, transparency and porosity.3D printed dresses by threeASFOURThe 2nd turn it into is the Pangolin dress, that has interlocking weaves that form a single skin”The entire turn it into, of its first conception was intended to maximise the potentials inherent to this technology,” said Gil.
“As artists and turn it intoers, it is our prerogative, and our nature, to explore the bounds of new technological opportunities, and to hustle the limits of the way in that forms are turn it intod,” Gil introduced.
The dresses mark the firstly demonstration of a new material called Nano Enhanced Elastomeric Technology, that was created by Stratasys. The acrylic-based material is intended to mimic rubber.
Given its extreme flexibility and durability, the material “represents a big step forward for 3D-printed style turn it into,” said Stratasys.
“The material can in addition be perfect for extra
applications and industries, such as car, consumer goods, consumer electronics and medical devices,” the company introduced.3D printed dresses by threeASFOURThreeasfour worked in collaboration with Stratasys, that created the new material utilized in the dressesThe project is the latest in a series of collaborations between Stratasys and high-profile turn it intoers, which include Neri Oxman, Iris van Herpen, Francis Bitonti and Zaha Hadid.
“We are always looking to revolutionise making methods, pioneer new turn it into options, and inspire turn it intoers and students to turn it into avant-garde expressions of style,” said Naomi Kaempfer, the Stratasys creative director overseeing art, style and turn it into.
“Collaborative projects with talented and visionary turn it intoers, such as Threeasfour, are the perfect way to feature to aspiring turn it intoers, students and creatives the types of organic and rigorous mathematical structures that can become a physical reality with 3D printing.”
Other new 3D-printed turn it intos include bouncy shoes by Israeli turn it intoer Neta Soreq and sneakers of Adidas that have a 3D-printed midsole created of recycled fishing nets.
This May, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York can open an exhibition that explores technology’s impact on style.
Photography is by Matt Carasella.

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