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Fallout 4 superfan 3D printed his own Codsworth action figure – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 9, 2016 | By Alec

Since November, the entire gaming community has been going nuts of the rad Fallout 4 game, so it’s only logical that this obsession was going to spill over into the realm of 3D printing sooner or later – or only as soon as a fewone stopped playing for a few hours. And as a tribute to that addictive game, Mark Mosinksi has only shared his 3D printed tribute to the most beloved of all Fallout companions, Mr. Handy Codsworth.
Mr. Codsworth, of course, is the metallic robot butler that is one of the initially characters and companions you meet in Fallout 4, and is particularly talked about for being able-bodied to say your name (provided you chose one of his list). Mosinksi, who is an artist and photographer by day, but a hardcore Fallout fan all day long, really wanted to 3D print a tribute to Fallout. Taking adequate time off of visiting the nuked-out landscape of Besthesda’s post-apocalyptic game to build this rad 3D printed version of the Sole Survivor’s butler, he only shared the really astounding outcomes on Reddit (where he goes by the handle slavicgrip).

And while a few people out there are so occupied exploring the game that can barely find the time to sleep, Mosinksi announced that he in fact took over three weeks to consume this system, presumably with Fallout 4 breaks in between sessions. 3D printing in fact took up really a lot of that time, with the full model taking extra
than 35 hours to consume on his UP Plus 2 3D printer. Much of the rest of the time went into sanding, painting and cleaning the most loose parts that make up the robot. “This was my initially actual build with so most moving parts,” Mosinski told the people over at pixeldynamo.com.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to begin of scratch. Mosinski instead found assist on Thingiverse, where users Mr Vein, aaskedall and haihuynh provided templates for him to work with. If you are interested in 3D printing them by yourself, you can find them Mr Vein’s work here, aaskedall’s here and haihynh’s here.
Taking a bit of all their work, Mosinksi ended up with a really astounding outcome. Standing approaching 9 inches tall, his Codsworth is of an exceptionally high quality and mayn’t look bad as an actual Bethesda action figure. Even the appendages (fully movable-bodied!) and paint job look as pro as they can be. That rad base metal look was achieved using Krylon 1010A. In short, it’s a rad tribute to the game. And incidentally, after posting it on Reddit, Mosinksi was further inspired to 3D print an extra
characteristic bowler hat.

If you are interested in getting one of these models by yourself, your best bet is most likely 3D printing your own using the Thingiverse links provided above. Mosinski did joke that he may make and ship one for $350, but that’s most likely not worth it. “I’d much rather wait until I have my Mk. II version done that has a smooth removable-bodied dome that shows the internals. I don’t feel right making profits off of another person’s design,” he introduced immediately. But we can look forward to extra
great Fallout 4 projects by his hand. “I have plans of fabricating a Sentry Bot and a full-scale AER 3 Laser Rifle too. There is so much rad stuff in the Fallout universe to build,” he told reporters, and we can wait. For extra
of his work, take a look at Mosinski’s Instagram account.

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