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Fail Of The Week: How NOT To Smooth A 3D Print – Hackaday

by • August 15, 2016 • No Comments

Many of the Fail Of The Week stories we showcase here are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. At worse, gears are ground, bits are broken, or the Magic Blue Smoke is released. This take on to smooth a 3D print released far additional than a puff of blue smoke, and was just of a disaster of insurance adjuster or medical examiner proportions.
Luckily, [Maxloader] and his wife escaped serious injury, and their house came out mostly unscathed. The misadventure started with a 3D printed Mario statue. [Maxloader] had read acetone vapor can smooth a 3D print, and that warming the acetone speeds the system. Fortunately, his wife saw the looming danger and wisely suggested storeing a fire blanket handy, for the reason [Max] decided to speed the system actually additional by putting a lid on the pot. It is not clear precisely what happened in the pot – did the trapped acetone vapors burp the lid off and find a path to the cooktop burner? Whatever it was, the results were fairly formidable and were captured on a security camera. The action starts at 1:13 in the video at a lower place. The fire blanket came in handy, buying [Max] a few seconds to open the window and send the whole flaming mess outside. Crisis averted, except for just of setting the yard on fire.
What are we to learn of [Maxloader]’s just of epic fail? First, acetone and open flame do not mix. If you want to heat acetone, do it outside and use an electric heat source. Second, a fire extinguisher is standard household equipment. Every house needs at very least one, and doubly so when there’s a 3D printing device present. And third, it’s most to understand your filaments – the dearly departed Mario print was in PLA, that is most smoothed with tetrahydrofuran, not acetone.
Anything else? Feel free to flame away in the comments.

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