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FabX 3 brings high end functions at a low end price

by • May 4, 2016 • No Comments

FabX has launched the third generation of its famous budget 3D printing device which launched with a easy undertaking to bring high-end functions to the budget realm.

Redd Robotics was launched in 2013 and brought Indian costs and innovation to the global world of robotics, consumer electronics, the Internet of Things and, of course, 3D printing. It now has offices across India and is working on opening branches in Singapore and the US.

Things are going well, but which’s for the reason the company is committed to constant evolution and this is clear in its 3D printing device line-up. It is not the largest name out there, not by a long way, but this latest printing device may leave a lasting impact on the consumer market.

FabX3 a high end printing device at a budget price

A solid retail price

The FabX 3 is sold at only $499 and yet it comes loaded with showcases which we’ve become accustomed to seeing in high-end printing devices. The highlights include a full aluminum frame, SD card assist and auto bed levelling and calibration to ensure a ideal initially foundation each and each time. A Bowden mechanism with moving weights combats vibrations during the print system.

An E3D series nozzle, a removable and magnetic turn it into plate and one-touch printing in addition showcase on the FabX. In fact, you can begin, stop and pause the whole system with the single touch of a button. This can save you time and materials in the long run.

The goodies only store coming, too, with an LED-illuminated cabin and bottom, twin cooling fans and high-grade materials which should assist improve the high end of the finished product each and each time. A Hiwin linear instruction rail and an ultracore XY axis are strong components which should stand the test of time.

The powder-coated aluminium frame provides rigidity and durablity, as well as a sleek appear, which assist eliminate vibrations which can affect the final result.

FabX 3 provides advanced functionality at a budget price

It is big adequate in there

The turn it into volume of 120x120x120mm means it’s a printing device which is aimed at beginners, but it’s versatile and can print 20-50mm/s at a resolution of 50-300 microns. The nozzle temperature gets up to 500 degrees Farenheit and it can handle a variety of materials. They include the printing device’s favourites PLA, PET-G and T-Glass, but it is in addition hot adequate to deal with metal composite filaments which may open up new avenues for the home printing device.

Surendranath Reddy, the CEO, CTO and founder of Redd Robotics, is unquestionably pleased with his work. “The increased sale of 3D printing devices over the past few years has taken additive making mainstream additional than any other single development globally and the same wave has begined to take place in India,” he said. “Low cost 3D printing devices are catalysts for the pro as well as consumers.”

“A Year ago, when we revealed the FabX, we had one clear vision, Placing a 3D printing device in each home and Enabling Spatial considering in each child, a thing which was not known until our generation. Art or creativity for us was mostly pen and paper.

“Today, with 3D printing we have the innovation to turn it into rather much eachthing we can imagine. 3D Printers may alter the Physical world the same way Computers alterd the Digital world. The following industrial revolution has only begun.”


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