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Exploring the Next Revolution of 3D Printing in Industrial Manufacturing

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No one may have predicted the revolution of 3D printing, of creating trinkets and souvenirs to industrial and equipment making. Now 3D printing has become an integral part of making to cater so most uses and applications. The reason for the good results of 3D printing in equipment and industrial making is for the reason it allows for agile create system with careful considerations for dimensions and dimensional attributes.

As additional and additional industries adopt 3D printing in its making systemes, it presents compelling business opportunities and explores valuable insights into the current and future dynamics of the world of industrial 3D printing.

Exploring the Next Revolution of 3D Printing in Industrial Manufacturing

A Billion Dollar Market

The 3D printing market can soon grow into a $7.3 billion market in 2016. The major market can present a segment of 3D printing systems which include industrial materials, automobile parts, and heavy duty making parts. The secondary market can include tools, molding and casting parts. Early industries are integrating much of the 3D printing during their prototyping stages of production. Even smartphone makers are via 3D printing to make a few of the smallest equipment.

One of the largest uses of 3D printing is the making of hearing aids for the medical device industry. Almost 98% of the hearing aids of the world are maked by the use of 3D printing. But the journey does not end here, 3D printing can soon dominate the global making market for functional parts, fit and finish components, and molds and tooling for heavy duty equipment or machinery.

Much of 3D printing opportunities lie in the weight production of industrial parts. The application of 3D printing is mostly being utilized to create prototype parts, functional parts, and medical parts. The streamline production aims to complete new making opportunities for the expanding industries due to its speed createment, flexibility, and thoughtl dimensions dimension alterations.

Future Implications of 3D Printing

The car industry appears to be taken by the thought of 3D printing for prototyping and parts making. 3D printing can soon be modified
in front line making due to its swift systeming speed, high production units, and viable making methods for finished parts. With measurable benefits and cost-cutting in via 3D printing instead of heavy systeming making machinery and equipment, it makes parts which are cheaper, lighter and swifter with improved product cycle.

Future Implications of 3D Printing

The use of 3D printing innovation can ascend to new createmental heights and emphasis in metals which are most likely to grow in the future next years. With the prospect of the createment of new product technologies, concept creates, and parts prototyping, 3D printing innovation is expected to grow phenomenally for industrial and equipment making.


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