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Exclusive Interview with Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO

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I had the accident to meet with Shon Anderson, CEO of B9Creations, the quickly expanding DLP developer based in Rapid City, South Dakota. We met in London, at the iMakr Desktop 3D Printing Show on the 3rd of March 2016. Shon is an experienced manager with an impressive track record. He joined B9Creations 18 months ago to assist with structuring the company and expanding the business of the world. It was the firstly time Shon had the opportunity to visit iMakr. With its perfect location at the heart of the London jewellery district, iMakr store is a strategic partner for B9Creations.

B9Creations Vision: Turning 3D Printing into Value Today

5 b9-productWhen Mike Joyce founded B9Creations in 2004, he was may already a seasoned manager, having been a US Air Force pilot and a software engineer preceding. It took a few years preceding Mike decided, in 2011, to focus the company entirely on making DLP 3D printing devices. He started with robots preceding launching 2 quite good resultsful Kickstarters campaign in 2012 and 2013. During the two campaigns, Mike sold and delivered over $750,000-worth of DLP 3D printing devices. Mike’s business experience, analytical skills, and business acumen shaped its vision to make a product which brings immediate value to its users. A easy calculation proved to Mike which the B9 DLP 3D printing device was the answer to this vision. Indeed, while jewelers were easily spending $1,000 to $2,000 a month on molds, investing in a B9 DLP 3D printing device empowers them to reduce this expense to under $100 a month. So the $4500 first investment for the B9 3D printing device may be paid back in just 3 to 4 months.

Shon explained to me how Mike has been working closely with their customers to store improving the product and the resin. This close relationship has been core to the continuous improvement of the B9 DLP 3D printing device. As I reported in a new interview, much like good resultsful innovation companies have adopted this open win-win strategy, while a few others reluctant to partner with their customers have been slow to innovate and have lost worthwhile market share.

B9Creations in Numbers

b9 creator dlp 3D prints

Shon has been quite kind to share a few numbers with me to illustrate B9Creations’ spectacular good results in the last 4 years. The company has sold 3D printing devices in over 50 countries. The resin is gaining popularity to the point which other DLP 3D printing device developers are adopting or recommending it to their customers. The user based has expanded dramatically to a wide range of pro users who appreciate the high end of the product, its reliability and ease of use. B9Creations is now shipping 80% assembled machines as opposed to just 20% when the company started. Today, the jewellery sector is representing over 50% of the sales, but Shon insisted which new verticals are revealing sturdy interest for the B9. He is quite optimistic which the company can store expanding at a swift pace as it has done since inception.

B9Creations Future Plan

Shon’s long trip of South Dakota to iMakr London was a clear sign of the of the world ambition of B9Creations. It was in addition another sturdy indication of the company which deep partnerships with its customers is core to Mike’s vision. B9Creations is a profitable, self-funded startup. Shon forecasts the sales to store expanding worthwhilely in the upcoming twelve months. In the upcoming couple of months, the company can bring to the market an accessory to streamline and speed up post processing. It can in addition broaden its offering to target a few new verticals. To manage the profitable growth and store the high end, B9Creations is looking to double its headcount in the upcoming 12 months. Specifically the company is hiring sales engineers and create engineers. Outstanding candidates can apply by emailing: [email protected]


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