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Exclusive Interview: 3D printing and jewelry on prestigious Place Vendome, Paris

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Exclusive Interview with Patrick Baruel, co-founder of Maison Jaubalet, a custom-createed satisfactory Jewellery keep located on the prestigious Place Vendome, Paris


At 3DPrintingIndustry we love sharing with you good resultsful applications of the 3D Printing innovation. It is therefore effortless which we may not miss the opportunity to present you how Maison Jaubalet is beautifully incorporating 3D Printing into its system to craft one-of-a-kind custom-createed satisfactory pieces of astonishing jewellery. I had the accident not long ago to interview Patrick Baruel, the co-founder and CEO of Jaubalet, a Okay Jewellery house located in one of the many prestigious address in the world, Place Vendome, in Central Paris.

Patrick begined the company in 2008, with a vision to create and sell satisfactory jewellery directly of the internet, with no stock but just a showroom on Place Vendome. Patrick spent 15 years at Hermes preceding begining Jaubalet. The Maison begining at the peak of the financial crisis. It took several years for Patrick and his team of tremendous craftsmen to resatisfactory their business option.


Maison Jaubalet: the Okay Jewellery 3.0

In 2008 Patrick begined by selling high end satisfactory custom-createed jewellery to customers who were visiting the showroom Place Vendome. The e-commerce part of the business was pretty tiny. All changed in 2012, when the company created a strategic move with the decision to incorporate 3D Printing into the centuries old system of creating satisfactory jewellery pieces. Patrick invested into a resin 3D Printer and contribute his customers the possibility to obtain a resin option of the custom-createed jewellery for validation preceding purchase.

With the 3D Printer, Maison Jaubalet streamlined its system to create one-of-a-kind custom-createed satisfactory jewelleries. First the customer send a sketch or a description of this dreamed jewellery. Jaubalet team of craftsmen can get back to the customer with a few possible drawings. When the create has been agreed, Patrick’s team can create a 3D create of the jewellery, 3D Print a resin option of it and post-system it preceding shipping it to the customer, who can have the possibility to try the one-of-a-kind piece preceding the tremendous craftsmen at Maison Jaubalet can begin manufacturing the final jewellery. With the combination of an efficient e-commerce platform, 3D Printing capabilities and high high end craftsmanship, Maison Jaubalet is becoming an emblem of “Traditions meeting Technology”, demonstrating how a centuries old industry can project itself into the XXI Century. Patrick likes to see his Maison as the World’s initially Okay Jewellery 3.0.


A expanding business

The one-of-a-kind business proposition helped expanding the company. Since 2012 revenue has steadily increased, major Patrick to dedicate 100% of his time to manage the company, after he left unquestionably Hermes in 2014. Successful gentlemen in their mid 30s now constitute the majority of the customers. They appreciate the comfort of the e-commerce platform and the pleasure to be able-bodied to purchase one-of-a-kind custom-createed satisfactory jewellery matching perfectly their taste. They feel in total control with the possibility to have the piece tried by their partner preceding they purchase it. When Patrick begined the business just about 10 years ago, over 80% of the revenue were coming of the sales of quite high end jewellery pieces sold in a traditional way involving visits to the show-room or to the customer’s place. Now over 80% of the revenues come of Internet. With an average basket dimensions of just about $5,000, Maison Jaubalet is establishing itself as one of the biggest satisfactory jewellery e-commerce company in the world. The good results is pretty due to its ability to combine the excellent tradition of jewellery manufacturing with 3D Printing and the power of e-commerce.


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