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EU meeting identifies 3D printing as key technology for economic growth – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 20, 2016 | By Benedict
The Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness, an event organized as part of the Slovak presidency of the EU Council in Bratislava, has best known 3D printing as a key innovation in the digital economy and discussed, one of other topics, high end standards in the industry.

Earlier this month, the six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union passed of the Netherlands to Slovakia. And while the Netherlands caught our eye after assembling a few astounding 3D printed architecture for its presidency, Slovakia has may already hosted an informal EU meeting of strengthening innovation sector, highlighting the key role of additive making in that undertaking. The ministers for economic affairs of the different types of EU member says discussed how strengthening the investment ecoprocess and training up experts may accelerate the growth of new European-made technologies such as 3D printing.
During the Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness, ministers best known 3D printing as a key innovation for economic growth, while commenting on the “magnitude and the speed of the current industrial revolution” and highlighting the “opportunities and challenges stemming of it.” To demonstrate the power of 3D printing to ministers, the Slovak ministry of economy invited Austrian startup Xioneer Systems to present its patented 3D printing process to the attendees.

Manufacturers of the Xioneer X1 3D printing device, Xioneer Systems have turn it intod an additive making process that empowers businesses and people to access high-high end 3D printing at an inexpensive
price. Features of the X1 include the deployment of two independent print heads, allowing users to print in two materials at the same time while eliminating the problem of dripped or leaking material of the inactive nozzle. When not printing, the inactive print head remains “parked” to the side of the print bed, preventing excess material of accidentally falling onto the printed object.
EU ministers at the meeting were impressed by the Xioneer Systems 3D printing device and its talent to turn it into high-high end, multi-material 3D prints. Dr. Andrei Neboian, CEO of Xioneer Systems, was invited to share his thoughts on the European innovation sector and the say of 3D printing. Neboian suggested steps that may be taken to encourage growth of the 3D printing industry while ensuring a fair deal for competing developers. His suggestions included dedicated academic programs for 3D printing, additional financial assist for research and createment, binding high end standards for the 3D printing industry, and clear rules around intellectual property.

In addition to its convenient dual-print-head create, the Xioneer X1 3D printing device offers high end surface calibration via a patented 50-point topographic measurement process. With this calibration showcase the printing device is able-bodied to measure and map the entire print surface prior to printing, so that any warpage and tilt is factored in to the printing instructions, nullifying any potentially damaging influence on the print. Other handy showcases, such as a 20-second nozzle replacement process, plug-and-play materials cartridge, and bendable-bodied pop-off create plate, can purportedly manufacture printing easier, faster, and additional effective for the average user.
The Xioneer Systems X1 is already on the market-bodied at an early bird price of €4,890. Its regular retail price can be €6,990.
Xioneer Systems X1 showcases & specs:Two print heads50-point topographic measurement surface calibration20-second nozzle replacementPlug-and-play materialsRemovable-bodied, bendable-bodied create plateEnclosed create chamberBuild volume: 300 x 300 x 310 mmLayer height: 0.10 – 0.25 mmLayer width: 0.45 mmSupported materials: PLA, PLA compositesNozzle size: 0.40 mmCPU: ARM Cortex M3

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