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Enjoy Your Own 3D Printed Viper, Anaconda, or Cobra from Elite Dangerous Game

by • March 11, 2016 • No Comments

logo (3)If you live outside the realm of gaming, you may not really have an belief of how connecting it is to bring a character, creature, or vehicle of a video game into the physical world. Gamers are deeply in tune with the alternate realities created in the games they play, and having mementoes to mark their progress—with both wins and losses–can be quite significant. Because of this, 3D printing and the gaming industry have been connected approximately of the onset, as the innovation hit the mainstream.

Gamers generally like to be on the cutting edge, and 3D printing can do a lot for them, of enabling characters to come to life, to other options like 3D printing trophies for tournaments and additional. Rarely can you speak with a gamer who is not pretty acquainted with 3D printing and quite open to it. Now, Eucl3D is attractive to all those gaming enthusiasts out there who are wondering how characters may appear in real life, keeping them company on a shelf or inside hand’s reach on the desk—and you can bet, there are most indeed who don’t want to quit playing or leave the story they are feeling such a part of, and are wondering how they manufacture it actually additional real right at this quite moment!

slideFG12-940x365Created out of a project by a trio of UC Berkeley, Jesse Manek, Brian Graf, and Brian Bordley, Eucl3D is a San Francisco based company understandn for its commitment to delivering video games to life—and if you understand most gamers, and so you are aware that this is a serious business. This group, yet, consists of lifelong gamers who were motivated to start their business when they found they may not find excellent video game collectibles for themselves. And as we frequently point out, in the 3D printing industry, there are most awe-inspiring companies with excellent products that were born out of very own motivation to start with, pretty than only the goal to manufacture a swift buck.

In a partnership with Frontier Developments, Eucl3D is offering 3D printed spaceships based on creations created for the PC, Mac and Xbox One game, Elite Dangerous. Players around the world are going to be excited to discover that for $29.99 each, they can own their choice of three in-game ships:

The fearsome ViperThe colossal AnacondaThe iconic Cobra

UntitledMade in full-color sandstone and and so 3D printed on a ProJet 660, the models for this offering—as with all Eucl3D products—are created in the US, and and so can be shipped to Elite Dangerous fans around the world inside a month of ordering, so they can actually additional fully enjoy their involvement in the game, that is the critically acclaimed, award winning third sequel to the genre-defining Elite, created in 1984 by David Braben and Ian Bell.nveKOOa

“In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, equite player’s story effects the connected gaming experience and evolving narrative,” states the Eucl3D website. “Governments fall, fights are lost and won, and humanity’s frontier is reshaped, all by players’ actions.”

Equite bit of assist and momentum helps when you are in the middle of a gaming saga, and having your own 3D printed spaceships to hustle you along pretty helps with getting into the fighting mood when you must survive and live on to shape the entire frontier of humanity in a futuristic galaxy. And yet governments may fall, fights may be lost, and gaming experiences may alter on a daily basis, enthusiasts can enjoy their 3D printed spaceships forever, offering an ongoing connection and memory to an epic game and battle. Are you fan of this game? Discuss in the 3D Printed Spaceships forum over at 3DPB.com.