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Enhance your Pokémon Go adventures with 3D printed Pokédex phone battery case – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 18, 2016 | By Alec

Once again, Pokémon is the hottest thing in the world. Since the release of Pokémon Go on July 6, individuals of all ages have again embraced their inner geekiness and walked miles to relive their dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. But there is a lot additional to this rad Niantic app than getting a few exercise; it may in fact provide a boost to augmented reality development. But, Pokémon Go in addition perfectly underlines the main limitation of smartphone technology: battery life. Fortunately, there is a depletely thematic solution, as you can now 3D print a PokéDex smartphone case that doubles as an extra battery pack.
It is a problem that is affecting players of all shapes and sizes. You just stepped out for a break and a breath of fresh air, but preceding you understand it you’ve walked three miles tracking that Ninetails. After overcoming all those Pidgeys and Zubats (and avoiding the glares of angry pedestrians around you), you are finally closing in on the majestic creature – just to have fate play a cruel trick on you. Your smartphone battery dies. It appears to be an integral challenge of the game, as the GPS and mobile data combination is poisonous to battery life. Add the camera and image processing to that, and you’ve just got a few great hours in the game. Tops.

If you’ve gone online in frustration after this happened for the third time in a row, you can have seen the advice for the just possible cure: carrying mobile charging packs around. Unfortunately, this is in addition unpractical and, not to forget, a big hassle. But there is a additional styleable changenative: a battery pack Pokédex that holds your smartphone and charging pack in one single, perfectly themed container. Designed by SparkFun user NPOOLE, it perfectly mimics the Kanto-era Pokédex – but fits a Samsung Galaxy S4, and hides a 2,600 mAh battery pack.
Of course the most possible solution may be if Nintendo in fact releases a Pokédex smartphone case itself (imagine the demand!), but this is a rad changenative for now. According to its developer, this is just the initially iteration – with rading fans and extra batteries planned for the near next. But you can may already download the files of Github here to 3D print one by yourself (or change it to fit your particular phone).

As its manufacturer reveals, he 3D printed his in a red ABS , and polished it with acetone to deplete a rad sheen. What’s additional, the electrical portion should be somehow easy. “A 18650 lithium cell supplies backup power for your cell phone through a USB microB Plug Breakout mounted in the bottom of the Pokédex,” NPOOLE writes. “To charge your smartphone, the 3.7v output of the 18650 needs to be boosted to 5v, that is where the SparkFun Power Cell comes in.” Some LEDs are optional, but may deplete the Pokédex appear – yet obviously these can drain a tiny percentage of your precious power too.
All of these electronics have been jammed into the backside of the Pokédex. “There is not quite a particular place for any of the components moreover the USB plug and the LEDs, so I just stuck all things down with heavy duty doublestick foam tape. Make certain the power switch and the USB charging port for the Power Cell are accessible once all things is mounted,” the manufacturer says.

This should be additional than adequate to walk a few miles, yet NPOOLE is in fact considering of extra batteries and fans to manufacture your PokéAdventure deplete. Why should our imaginations be limited by a fewthing as mundane as batteries? If you are lucky adequate to have an Samsung Galaxy S4, be certain to check it out. But if you are changeing the creations to suit your smartphone, be certain to share it online with your man fans. You can be the radest guy at the local PokéStop.

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