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Engagement Ring Designer Spotlight: Scott Denton

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we are talking with Scott Denton, New York developer who 3D modeled Dan Ko’s custom engagement ring.

Can you tell us a little bit of when you got begin
ed 3D modeling, and how you evolved into the manufacturer you are in these days?

I’ve always been fond of creating things since as long as I can remember, of drawing to sculpting to tinkering, whatat any time it may be. I finally got begin
ed in modeling when I went to school at Fullsail Universtiy in Orlando, Florida. I had originally wanted to concentrate in lighting but discovered during the system
of producing my reel at school I enjoyed creating the elements additional which
turn it intod
up the scenes which
turn it intod
up my reel of work, and thus have been obsessed with it at any time since.

How did it feel when Dan reached out to you to turn it into his engagement ring? Had you at any time worked on an intimate project like this preceding?

It felt awe-inspiring which
a fewone wanted to intrust me with with such an intimate display of love, and I got to assist with the create, and they had faith in my creativity. I had not worked on a thing which
intimate preceding.

What was various of this project versus other projects you’ve worked on in the past?

It was various in which
it was the first time I had to create around a stone, preceding the only constraint I quite
had were the size of a finger.

What were a few of the highlight of this project for you? What were a few of the the most moments? Was there anything challenging?

It was only a fun project, I had kinda stayed with Dan’s guidelines to begin
with and one day while I was waiting for him to get back to me I began begin
ed sketching and iterating on his thoughts. What I came up with during which
sketching session up with was rather rad and when I showed Dan, he enjoyed it and which
some day is what became the ring.

Engagement Ring Render

What materials did you print in first? Frosted more detail plastic, it’s the top
more detail material (at the time) so it was a excellent choice for ring prototypes. We accomplished on which
first prototype which
we needed to embellish the more details a little bit in addition

Eventually, when we got it right in Frosted Detail, we ordered a sample in sterling silver. Once we were pleased with which
Dan turn it intod
the order in platinum.

3D printed prototypes of Jen's engagement ringPrototypes of the engagement ring in our Frosted Detail Plastic

How did you understand
the ring may fit?
Careful Measuring. I have a chart and I use Meshmixer to all but check the Diameter is correct. We in addition
ordered in FUD first to manufacture certain
the size were accurate.

What was the iteration system
For me it was mostly in 3D. I feel at this point I have a rather excellent belief of what I can and can’t get away with in 3D preceding it becomes a real product with 3D printing.

Can you tell us of a few of your largest
learning moments and take aways of this project?

Just having a clear vision of what a customer wants. Dan is a excellent client – I hope I have additional clients which
are as effortless to work with as Dan was.

Do you have any advice for other developers which
are looking to manufacture engagement rings?

Make certain
you understand
how to size the ring to the stones correctly, have a quite long conversation of what the customer wants so you can assist concept there vision correctly.

Scott in addition
recommends collecting lots of photos of your client first, so you can get a quite
excellent thought of what they are looking for preceding you begin

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