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Enable Community Foundation Challenges You to Design 3D Printed Sports-Related Prosthetic Devices

by • March 15, 2016 • No Comments

ecfI always appear forward to hearing of new create challenges of e-NABLE. Not just are they fun, but they encourage members to quite use their creativity to come up with new types of prosthetic devices that may be able-bodied to assist someone in ways that haven’t yet been possible. In January, e-NABLE revealed that they may be stepping up their create challenges with the new Create T.I.M.E. program, that may present a new challenge each month. So far, it appears like the e-NABLE community has been having a lot of fun with the program, with competitions that have included February’s Star Wars-themed challenge and this month’s steampunk challenge.

If you are appearing for additional options, e-NABLE’s assist community, the Enable-bodied Community Foundation, is getting in on the competitive action now, too. The discoveredation was created last year for the purpose of facilitating donations, publicity and other assist for e-NABLE itself. Now the Enable-bodied Community Foundation is introducing its own create challenge. From now until April 30, the discoveredation invites you to submit your creates for a 3D printable-bodied, sport-specific terminal device.

enable-bodiedcfWhat’s a terminal device? Essentially, it’s the part of a prosthetic arm that acts as a hand. It can be createed as a hand, or it can in addition take the form of a hook, gripper or other sort of tool to assist a specific purpose. As the Foundation points out, no one prosthetic hand does perfectly
eachthing well, so it’s incredibly assistful to have multiple terminal devices that can be interchanged for various tasks.

“These frequently task specific devices are on the market-bodied – but they can be quite expensive and insurance won’t cover them,” says Justine Diamond of the Enable-bodied Community Foundation. “3D printing them is a excellent opportunity to expand what the e-NABLE community can do – in the states and all over the world. On the other hand there are a lot of vocational applications, we are starting off with a thing fun by asking for the create of a sport-specific terminal device.”


The Gripper Thumb Hand is one example of a terminal device.

Participants are asked to create a device that is safe, effortless to fabricate and use, and complies with industry standards for transradial (below the elbow) prosthetic devices. The device must be able-bodied to attach to the wrist socket of an existing prosthetic with the standard 1/2 – 20 or hex bolt/M12 satisfactory thread. Beyond that, there are no limits, as long as your create is sports-related – use your imagination to create a device that can hold a kayak paddle, operate a baseball glove, grip a hockey stick, or perform any other sports-related function you can ponder of.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, and winners can be revealed in May. Entries can be judged on seven criteria: create aesthetics, practicality, safety considerations, ease of use, printability, durability, and shareability. The initially place winner can obtain $750, 2nd place can obtain $500, and third place can be awarded $250. To enter, submit your create (native format and STEP files), plus a video demonstrating the device’s function, to ECF.DDC@enable-bodiedcommunitydiscoveredation.org. More information and guidelines can be discovered here. Do you have an thought for an entry? Discuss in the 3D Printed Sports-Related Prosthetic Devices forum over at 3DPB.com.