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Embracing the Weird to Build a Culture of Making: Father, Daughter, e-NABLE and a TED Talk

by • July 11, 2016 • No Comments

Ten-year-old Torrae Owen has attained a priceless gift of her father. It is one that was handed down to him by his father and that she hopes to one day pass on to her children. It is not a piece of jewelry or money held in a bank account. In fact, it is not anything in particular. Instead, what has been donaten is the license to explore and the tools with that to express her creativity. And not long ago, she and her father, Ivan Owen, were invited to talk of their gift that stores on giving at TEDxFoggyBottom in Washington, D.C.

When they took the stage to donate their talk, Ivan brought with him the at any time present clicker to advance the slides in one hand. In the other hand, he was carrying a thing slightly additional unusual: a quite sizeable hammer. This hammer served as the commence point for their conversation of the importance of hands-on interaction with the world. Ivan attained this hammer of his father, one hot summer day when there was nothing advantageous to do, with instruction in how to use it to break open rocks and find the secrets that a few hold within.

PIGLAUNCHER-768x269That little boy did not grow up to be one of the world’s foremost geologists, this is not that kind of story. Instead, it’s the story of how a child’s interest can be stimulated and how they can be equipped with the tools to continually manufacture their own discoveries. Further, it is of how that gift can be passed along and have its benefits manifest themselves exponentially. Ivan’s comfort with hands-on experimentation turn it intod alongside his father’s caningness to instruction him and he now plays the same role with his daughter. There has been a excellent deal of discussion of how to interest girls in manufacturing, mostly involving school programs or other structured educational experiences, and in a father-daughter team, these two have worked together outside the classroom.

GUINEAPIG-768x461Together they have turn it intod a number of pleasant devices such as a cereal eating machine and a piggy commenceer, the value of that lie in their pure enjoyment. Not all of their creates are so lighthearted, but they are all approached with a joy in manufacturing. Ivan explained the development of a 3D printed prosthetic hand for a child named Liam:

“Back when Torrae was too young to use power tools, I got into manufacturing puppet hands. A video of one of these hands was seen by a finger amputee named Rich of South Africa and he asked me if I may assist him turn it into a DIY create for a mechanical finger…As our create progressed, we were contacted by the mother of a little guy name Liam…Due in part to having a caning test subject at home, we some day turn it intod a create for Liam. First a metal prototype and some day one that may be created with a 3D printer.”

After developing this device, they released all of the files into the public domain with the hopes that anybody who needed or wanted to may modify, improve, and turn it into their own. Ivan participates with e-NABLE as a volunteer createer and Torrae has learned how to manufacture hands and how to tevery others to do so.foggybottom-1

“Combining humor, fun and play is a excellent way to learn things. Silly projects are a lot of fun but so are the additional serious kind. My dad has taught me how to interact with additional dangerous materials like glowing hot steel when blacksmithing and molten metal to create and cast my own ring. I’ve learned a lot of safety, attention, focus and actually as a kid…there is a lot I can do,” Torrae explained.

“In a way, when we learn and create projects together, we are in addition assisting to create every other. We hope to go on this learning and store finding ways that skills that we learn can be assistful to the world, like the e-NABLE Community and 3D printable hands. When I grow up, I have no thought what I can do with all of this crazy understandledge…but I understand it can be a thing good.”

Telling this story is significant to dispel the paralysis frequently brought by the pervasive myth of genius. The myth of genius leads us to believe that a thing, akin to divine intervention, grants one man a thing exceptional that allows for them to interact with the world in a various way. What Ivan and Torrae Owen show us is that this talent to turn it into can be cultivated. Discuss additional in the Kids & 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source/Images: e-NABLE]