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Electronics Manufacturer Uses Optomec’s Aerosol Jet Technology to Develop 3D Direct Printing Method

by • March 22, 2016 • No Comments

logo-2016One piece of innovation that we are seeing less and less of – thankfully – is the antenna. Most folks most likely remember struggling with the so-called “rabbit ears” on old televisions, attempting to find the magic positioning that may enable a picture to come through. Sometimes that required standing by the TV and holding the antennae in place long adequate for a 2nd man to make out the score on whatever game happened to be playing at the time. But I’m a nostalgic man, those are days I unquestionably don’t miss.

3d-direct-print_mediumThe disappearance of Stone Age innovation like the TV antenna is thanks to advantageous sensing innovation in general, but in addition to the skill to embed things like antennae directly into electronics. We’ve written a lot of New Mexico company Optomec and their patented Aerosol Jet innovation, that allows for for electronic components – a few as tiny as a human hair – to be 3D printed directly onto the surface of a part or product. Electronics createer Lite-On Mobile Mechanical has licensed Aerosol Jet innovation to create what they call 3D Direct Printing (3DP), that allows for functional electronics – such as antenna patterns – to be embedded into any mechanical structure or cover.

“With the flexibility provided by Aerosol Jet innovation, our 3DP systems can print sensors, antennas, and other functional electronics onto plastic components and covers as well as metal die-cast insert-molded polymer frames and actually onto glass panels and ceramic materials,” said Henrik Johansson, Senior Manager, Technology Development Antennas, at Lite-On. “We see Aerosol Jet as a strategic component of our 3DP solution, that has enabled us to expand into new markets.”

3dp_optomecviwadeal_opt_logoSome of those markets include the car, manal care and communication device industries. Lite-On originally purchased Aerosol Jet innovation for the purpose of createing prototypes for its OEM customers, but the good results of the tech led them to begin implementing it in the direct make of consumer devices. The Aerosol Jet-driven 3DP system requires less material, less time, and empowers additional create flexibility. Devices can be created slimmer and additional small in size when things like antennae are incorporated directly into their surfaces.

Lite-On now has several 3DP production machines at their making facility in Guangzhou, China. Those machines were createed by leveraging Aerosol Jet’s open architecture and configuring it into a 5-axis machine tool platform, optimized for the production of common smartphone and tablet forms. Each of those machines prints millions of units per year.

3D Printed Electronics in Mass Production at LITE-ON Mobile

“LITE-ON has been an amazing strategic customer for Optomec. Their dedication and dedication was significant to proving the viskill of Aerosol Jet innovation in a real world 24/7 production setting,” said Dave Ramahi, Optomec President and CEO. “With its one-of-a-kind and in-depth system knowledge in Aerosol Jet printing, Optomec is elated to recognize LITE-ON as a “Center of Excellence” for High Volume Production of 3D Printed Electronics.”

Optomec and Lite-On can both be at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Show, that can be bringing place of April 27-28 in Berlin. Discuss in the Optomec 3D Printing Technology forum over at 3DPB.com.