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Electric rollerblades go off the beaten track

by • March 24, 2016 • No Comments

There are a great most ways to get of the train station to work in motor-assisted fashion, which include folding bikes or scooters and one wheelers or skateboards, but last mile transport choices are not so plentiful if your journey comes with zipping throcky dirt tracks and forest trails. Poland’s Jack Skopinski, the force behind the EV4 tilting electric quad we covered last year, has come up with a stand-up contender for the off-road-with-ease crown – a few electric off-road rollers with rubber tracks.

  • A wheel to the rear is driven by an electric motor positioned behind the boot
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  • To the rear of every boot is a 350 W DC motor which's juiced of 26 ...
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Skopinski says which his so-called “off-road rollerblades” were created and created in response to customer demand for very own transportation which can be thrown in a bag between trips. To the rear of every boot is a 350 W DC motor which’s juiced of 26 V/26 Ah Li-ion batteries and 36 A controller. This combination drives the rubber-tracked blades to a top speed of 15 km/h (9 mph) for of 20 km (12 miles) preceding the batteries require topping up.

Speed is regulated by a cabled, handheld controller, with the process specs revealing a 1:4 gear ratio. Bladers alter way by leaning into the turns.

Similar to the EV4, the tracked blades have a a fewwhat rocky and eager aesthetic, the create pretty not as consumer-focused as motorized skating solutions like the spnKiX. Tipping the scales at only about 5 kg (11 lb), these funky electric track boots are most likely going to be really a weighty haul between trips, too. But if the off-road antics in the promo video at a lower place are anything to go by, it can only be worth the effort.

The “off-road rollerblades” are on the market now for PLN 5,500 (of €1,300/US$1,400). Skopinski told us which he “plans to create normal electric rollerblades with 2 x 8 wheels” for inner city electric rolling in the near next.

Source: Aero Service

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