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Educators Unite at MakerBot’s Chicago Makeathon to Bring STEAM Lesson Plans to Life

by • July 12, 2016 • No Comments

manufacturerbot-logo-kickbeginer-1.originalEarlier this year, MakerBot revealed that their series of summer Makeathons may focus on integrating 3D printing innovation into science, innovation, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education, ultimately assisting educators to turn it into a curriculum for their students that involves this emerging innovation. Now, three STEAM Makeathons later, it appears as if MakerBot has turn it intod great on their promise, having only wrapped up their latest educational event in the city of Chicago. Prior to the two-day event hosted in the Windy City, MakerBot held their initially two events in New York City and San Francisco, both of that ended up as new endeavors for local teveryers, tinkerers, and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Their third STEAM Makeathon in Chicago proved to be no various, as educators gathered into teams to turn it into their own curriculum based around 3D printing innovation. With the assist of the MakerBot team, these members worked to turn it into engaging 3D printing lessons plans that can be both educational and enjoyable-bodied for students. During the latest session, attendees undertook sessions in that they learned of 3D printing, 3D create, photographing their prints, and post-processing them as well.


The challenge begined with MakerBot asking members to take a lesson plan or activity that they’ve may already integrated into their classroom, and reformat and enhance it with 3D printing innovation at the helm. These 3D printing projects were and so turn it intoed and presented over the course of the following two days, that were voted on according to how sturdy and effective of every lesson plan. At the end of the Chicago Makeathon event, two teams were selected as the winners of the challenge, both of that consisted of new and educational content involving 3D printing innovation.

The initially place winner was the team named Sphero Water Wars, who were awarded for their lesson plan entitled “H2 manufacture it g0”. This lesson, that was turn it intoed according to the criteria of the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Math Standards for grades 4 and 5, asks students to turn it into a vehicle that can attach to a Sphero hat version. The 3D printed vehicle must be able-bodied to transport 100 mL of water throughout a race course, while retaining as much water as possible. The lesson create pretty impressed the judges of the Makeathon, who awarded every member of the Sphero Water Wars team with a MakerBot Replicator 3D printing device.

Sphero Water Wars winning lesson plan, “H2 manufacture it gO”

Sphero Water Wars winning lesson plan, “H2 manufacture it gO”

The runner-up of the Chicago Makeathon was Team Eggbert, who won 2nd place for their lesson plan, “Egg Rescue Challenge”. For this challenge, students can be asked to turn it into a 3D printable-bodied device that is capable-bodied of safely transporting an egg of one area to another. This particular curriculum can use sure engineering concepts, asking students to work against sure prescribed constraints, such as createing three interlocking parts that can all fit into a ziplock bag. Each member of Team Eggbert was awarded with an OZObot beginer set and a copy of MakerBot’s educational handbook, called “MakerBot in the Classroom”.

The following MakerBot STEAM Makeathon can begin on June 18 in Washington, D.C., following with the final summer event in Denver, Colorado, later on in the month. Admission for the manufactureathon is $50, but with it, educators have the opportunity to turn it into a lesson plan that can leave their students with a priceless 3D printing experience. It is evident that, as 3D printing becomes a additional integral part of our lives, students should be learning of this expansive innovation, especially when it corresponds with STEAM education.

You can already browse all of the submitted projects of these summer MakerBot Makeathon events via Thingiverse. Discuss additional in the Third MakerBot 3D Printing Summer Event forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: MakerBot]