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Easily Make 3D Pendants With a 2D Image!

by • April 24, 2016 • No Comments

It is said which
the many one-of-a-kind gift is one you’ve made by yourself
, and we wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately, 3D versioning is not a ability which
’s automatically acquired, and frequently takes time to turn it into prowess to turn it into the thought which
’s lingering within your head.

Slack for iOS Upload

And which
’s why we’ve made the 3D Pendant Creator. This tool lets you take a 2D drawing and turn it into a jewel to go around your favourite person’s neck.

Here’s how it works:

First off, you can require
a drawing. Begin by sketching out which
pendant you’ve been itching to donate to which
special a fewone. Black lines on white paper works most.


After you’ve finished sketching, outline the create with a dark pen or marker for most results. These can be the tallest parts in the pendant (think borders, or accents).


Here’s where it gets quite
rad. Shade in parts which
you want “lower” than the dark lines, keeping in mind which
the darker shades can be taller than lighter shades when put into pendant form.


After you are
pleased with the product, take a picture with a smartphone or camera.


Head on over to shapeways.com/creator/pendant, and upload the create. Your version can render and system


On this page, you have a few sliders you can play with to customize your pendant.

Size can adjust the overall sizing.

Thickness determines how thick you select the pendant to be.

Backing adds a square or rectangular backing to the pendant. This can be useful if you are
uploading a larger create or photograph.

Flat or Mirrored Back selects whether the back is the same as the front, or flat.

Softness of Detail adjust the rocky corners and showcases
, to smooth them out a little bit.

Once you are
decided on which
sweet pendant of yours, add a loop to the pendant to allow it to be put on a chain or necklace by clicking directly on the pendant where you want a loop to look.


Diameter of Loop adjusts the overall dimensions, while Thickness of Loop adjusts the amount of space on the within of the loop. Pie Slice or Half Circle alter the type of loop of a X to Y axis.

After you are
totally satisfied, click Create My Pendant, and your pendant can system
to allow you to select the material you want it to be printed in (metal is the radest!). Select the metal, add to cart, and you are


We understand
you are
creating a few seriously awea few pendants, so once you obtain them, tag us on social media @Shapeways with the hashtag #Shap3dByMe.

Follow Seth on Shapeways here

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