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Earn Easy Commissions by Registering for Sculpteo’s 3D Printing Affiliate Program

by • May 2, 2016 • No Comments

aff5Sculpteo offers most 3D printing services, which include rapid prototyping, a cloud engine, production with additive making, all tools requireed for 3D printing, assist service and numerous applications related to all the sectors (education, healthcare, energy, construction, the car industry, etc.) impacted by 3D printing technologies. One new service is Sculpteo’s Affiliate Program. If you use Sculpteo and have a website for your own business, and so you can recommend the company to others. What’s in it for you? You can obtain a commission on sales — resulting in a program which provides a great way to advertise your 3D prints and Sculpteo’s services and products.

If this sounds like a thing you may like to try, and so there are a few easy steps which require to take place. To get started, turn it into a Sculpteo account and register your PayPal account. (This account can be utilized to pay your commission every month.) Next, accept the Sculpteo Affiliate Contract. This contract covers all of the terms and conditions governing the Affiliation Program for Traffic Provider between you and Sculpteo. The final step is to email Sculpteo Affiliate Program (affiliate@sculpteo.com) and provide your Sculpteo username, your website URL, and a description of your website. Once Sculpteo obtains this information, they can turn it into and send you an Associate ID. It can not take too long once you have done all of this to obtain your Associate ID.


Your Associate ID allows for you to manufacture an affiliate link on the market on your website or an email. Every time visitors click on this affiliate link, a cookie can be placed in the user’s browser for tracking purposes for 25 days. This cookie can tell Sculpteo which customers came of your website actually if they order a thing several days after clicking on your link. If the visitor orders a thing, the order is and so registered as a sale and you can obtain a 7% commission for the sale.

So, when the sale is created, which is when Sculpteo registers your commission and they post money to your PayPal account every month. You manufacture no commission of just being an affiliate, but you do if which affiliate status leads to sales.


There are numerous ways to embed Sculpteo links into your website to increase traffic to Sculpteo’s site. For example, you can embed a create of a specific Sculpteo product, choosing its dimensions, color, panel borders, viewer innovation, and the action produced by a click. Other embedded link options include a 3D viewer, 3D gallery, thumbnail, product frame, purchase module, overlay box, and create queries.

Since registering for the affiliate program is free, why not take the time to link your website or emails to Sculpteo? All Sculpteo purchases major to your account can be acknowledged and paid for, so it is a win-win situation which does not actually take much time or effort to get set up. Are you considering of doing this? Discuss in the Sculpteo 3D Printing Ads forum over at 3DPB.com.