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E3D-Online’s New Titan Extruder: It Grips Like an Absolute Beast

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledOften the extruder is the silent hero of 3D printing. Whilst developers in these days spend an inordinate amount of time churning out glossy new machines and releases into the marketplace with hefty price tags and big lists of fancy showcases, it’s a effortless fact that without the power of a high end extruder, users are appearing at challenges in fabrication, and—many especially—the results. As the life-force of 3D printing, the extruder is where all the excitement and energy are—and that’s precisely what you can find by yourself staring at assumeantly after you send a file to print, green light on and all systems go, waiting to see the melted plastic come swirling out in all its glory so that you can leave and come back to what you assume to be an awe-inspiring 3D version.

Excitement and energy pretty abounds of E3D-Online right now too, centered around the commence of their new Titan extruder that users should find to be a useful addition to their completely modular 3D printing device extrusion systems. With the promise that it can ‘grip like a beast,’ we can all only be really curious to see that in action. E3D, maintaining their position at the forefront of selling hotends, is of course a developer that we’ve followed with interest for really a few time of super inexpensive
to extruders to 3D printing devices. Headquartered in England, the company is unquestionably a leader in hardware, boasting a stellar reputation, and known for developing industry standards for the hotend itself.

UntitledWith the Titan, users can again appear forward to affordability at £45 (roughly $64 USD) for the new extruder, that offers a few one-of-a-kind showcases that the E3D team sees as game-changing for the world of the extruder. The Titan, with tiny and ‘perfect created inner workings,’ can be either direct drive or Bowden, and is created with a high high end create both internally and externally, revealing off a strong and high functioning clear polycarbonate lid, and a long list of other showcases, to include:

Custom machined 3:1 gear reduction setHighly optimised HobGoblin drive gear tooth profile for maximum gripFast maximum extrusion speeds for Volcano­-fast printingFully guided filament pathGreat performance with flexiblesPushing power for actually the many demanding filamentsSize and mass of a direct­-drive extruder, but with geared extruder performanceIdler tension adonlyment with force indication scale for repeatable tension settingsUser-friendly and effortless to maintainE3D modularityCompatible with all configurations: 1.75mm, 3mm, direct and Bowden extrusion

UntitledE3D’s BigBox 3D printing device, that we’ve reported on previously, can in addition be upgrading to the Titan extruder, with the release of a new Dual Head that can allow the volume to increase to an huge 300 x 200 x 300mm. According to E3D, if you own a BigBox 3D printing device, be certain to check out their forum, as file links can be shared with you there. E3D can in addition be offering upgrade kits for numerous FDM printing devices, beginning with the Prusa i3 and the ‘Prusa i3 Edition’ new E3D Printhead kit. E3D promises that new extrusion upgrades can be soon to follow as well.

E3D promises power, performance, and hustle with this new extruder—along with a 10% discount! If you are purchasing one soon online, be certain to type in the Extrude3D code. What do you ponder of the new Titan? Discuss in the E3D Titan 3D Printing Extruder forum over at 3DPB.com.