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e-NABLE Steps in to Help Young Girl When All Other Solutions Fail

by • January 21, 2016 • No Comments

F1One of the many horrifying things an adult who works with machinery can experience is the loss of a limb in a workplace chance. It takes place, yet, on farms, in factories, actually in retail facilities – all it takes is a slip or a moment of distraction for a hand to get caught in a piece of machinery, and a life is changed forever. It is dreadful when it takes place to adults, but now imagine it taking place to a child. In October, a young girl named Mitsuko, of the French territory of New Caledonia, was the victim of a household chance in which her hand was caught in a machine, resulting in the loss of all of the fingers on her right hand.

Mitsuko’s mother needed to travel to Paris for a minor surgery, so father Etienne brought Mitsuko along, hoping to find a fewone who may provide his daughter with an low-priced, effective prosthetic device. He didn’t have much luck. Equite prosthetic he may find cost thousands of euros and may have taken months to turn it into. As Mitsuko and her family had to fly back to New Caledonia, which is over 10,000 miles away of Paris, this wasn’t an version. Furtheradditional, the just devices on the market may have impeded Mitsuko’s wrist movement.

Etienne had originally contacted medical device developer Proteor. Alyet they were unable to provide anything in the short window of time required, the company’s manager referred the family to Thierry Oquidam, an acquaintance who volunteers with and assists to run e-NABLE France. Oquidam had previously offered to assist Proteor to set up their own 3D printing device, and he was now pleased to take over Mitsuko’s case, with assist of man volunteer Ghislain Gauthier.


Oquidam and Gauthier met with Mitsuko on December 31, at which point they took measurements and photos of her hand. By January 6, they had a prototype eager for a fitting. It needed a few modifications, so they made another prototype, which they gave to Mitsuko on January 11, preceding her appointment with an occupational therapist.

F2-600x800“The occupational therapist was quite pleased with our 3D printed devices,” said Oquidam. “Mitsuko can go on to use the initially hand for a few weeks or actually months for the reason it is tighter and simpler for her to move. So she can switch to the larger hand when her wrist is stronger and can manipulate it much additional easily!”

After being told which a prosthetic may take months to turn it into, Mitsuko obtained a new hand in less than two weeks after meeting the e-NABLE volunteers. In addition to being inexpensive and well-functioning, it’s in addition fairly cool-looking – pink with stars and snowflakes which Mitsuko can proudly show off. We’ve written a lot of e-NABLE, but the work they do for folks yet go ons to amaze me. Discuss your yetts on Mitsukeo’s new hand in the e-NABLE France Provides 3D Printed Prosthetic forum over at 3DPB.com.