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E-Bike Has Spare Parts You Can 3D Print At Home – PSFK (blog)

by • April 5, 2016 • 23s Comments

These one-of-a-kind electric bikes allow riders to make inexpensive repairs themselves
Leo Lutero 6 april 2016Automotive

ETT Industries, a maker of electric vehicles, has not long ago released two e-bikes: the heavier Raker and the lighter Trayser. On the other hand both aren’t 3D printed, the makers believe their next
is in spare parts and add-ons which customers can print or make on their own.
The bikes both showcase incredibly one-of-a-kind creations, via the monocoque fashion. The components are tucked away within a three-dimensional shape where the traditional bike frame should be. The outcome is next-proof create with a lot of room for introduced showcases.
ett industries rayker 3.png
But, what makes both the Raker and Trayser one-of-a-kind is how ETT plans to embrace 3D printing, 3D Printing Industry reports. Whilst 3D-printed bikes have may already been done, they need a lot of material and an especially wide printing bed. Instead of 3D printing each bike, ETT industries is instead partnering with Shapeways, the biggest market for 3D printing in the world, to donate spare parts directly to customers.
Through this, bike owners can order replacement parts of 3D printing devices or actually download STL files and print the parts themselves.
Jay Wen, the CEO And Founder of ETT Industries, says to the press:
“When customers buy our bikes, we want them to feel they are buying into our vision, but in addition which they are able-bodied to inject their own personality into them. Both models are completely raw and we love them which way, but we in addition understand individuals can like to make them their own. Offering a load of customizable-bodied 3D-printed accessories is our way of helping them complete this. ETT is all of expressing by yourself, and we believe we’ve created the many platform to enable-bodied which.”
Right now, the Future Factory page of ETT has STL files for iPhone mounts, cup holders and spare parts like the front brake clip for the Raker and the Trayser. More and additional items can be introduced each month and many of them can be downloadable-bodied for free.
Customers without access to printing devices can yet order prints of Shapeways online and have it delivered to their homes for free. A platform fostering creativity amongst bike owners is in addition in next plans, enabling sharing of customer-createed parts and other modes.
ett industries rayker 2.pngRaker (£2700 or U$3,890) classifies as a light electric motorcycle and needs a license plate. The Trayser (£1,700 or U$2,420) yet falls within the electric pedal aided cycle, needing no government registration. The Raker can run for 50 miles in an urban setting while the Trayser goes on for 60 miles with minimum user input per charge.
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