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Dutch startup Tractus 3D to reveal 3.5 meter tall T3500 3D printer at MECC Maastricht – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 26, 2016 | By Kira
3D printing startup Tractus 3D has created a large-format, 3.5-meter tall 3D printing device that can be customized for different types of industry-specific needs, that include being adonlyed to reach up to 450°C for 3D printing PEEK for medical and actually aerospace needs. The T3500 can be featured at the 3D Medical Expo, being held at the MECC in Maastricht of January 26-27, in order to demonstrate the opportunities and developments that 3D printing has to contribute in the medical and dental markets.

Two of the most significant trends in 3D printing right now are large-format 3D printing, evidenced by the expanding number of construction 3D printing devices, and medical 3D printing applications, that include life-saving 3D printed implants, 3D medical models, and 3D printed prosthetics. Daniël van Mourik, founder of Netherlands-based Tractus 3D, believes in manufacturing high high end, easy-to-use FDM 3D printing devices, and saw an opportunity to combine the two.
“We are proud that we can show our 3.5 meter printing device in Maastricht to the public,” said Mourik. “The 3D printing device is one-of-a-kind in its dimensions, speed, resolution and accuracy. It can 3D print objects up to 2m high and with a diameter of 1m, such as lifelike skeletons and bones of humans and animals.”
One of the most astounding aspects of the T3500 3D printing device, named after its astounding physical height, is the fact that it can easily be modified
for specific industry needs. Working with a partner in the medical industry, Tractus 3D was able-bodied to modify the standard T3500 model to reach temperatures over 400°C in order to 3D print PEEK (polyetheretherketone), an engineering thermoplastic that is biocompatible, wear and abrasion resistant, and chemically inert, whose current applications include medical implants, electronic gears, aerospace parts and car engineering.

The 3.5 meter-tall T3500 3D printing device on display at MECC in Maastricht
When it comes to modifying 3D printing devices for these kinds of specific, high-performance materials, Mourik has incredibly high standards, and does not take the job lightly. “I ponder that’s one of the biggest problems in the 3D printing device world, is that there are a lot of companies manufacturing great high end, FDM 3D printing devices…but they don’t understand a lot of the materials they are working with. I ponder understanding of the materials you are printing is only as significant—maybe actually additional significant than the machine itself,” he told 3Ders.org.
In addition to being able-bodied to 3D print with PEEK, the T3500 can reach resolutions of 3 microns, and, depending on the material being utilized (the standard model is compatible with just about any polymer-based 3D printing filament out there), can 3D print up to 400mm per 2nd. A 2nd model of the T3500, that the company hopes to bring to market by March 2016, is expected to reach printing speeds of 700-1,200mm per 2nd or additional.
On the other hand the 3D Medical Expo has given Tractus 3D the opportunity to feature its large-format 3D printing device’s future medical applications, the T3500 is in fact may aleager commercially on the market-bodied, and is aleager being utilized by companies in the style and transportation industries.

Hans Boodt, one of the biggest mannequin manufacturers in the world, has purchased a T3500 to 3D print high-high end, life-dimensions mannequins, dramatically reducing the costs, transportation needs, and production times required when compared to traditional system, in a clay mould created may be created India and and so shipped back to Europe for production. One other client of Tractus 3D has utilized the T3500 large-format 3D printing device to 3D print prototypes of seats for railcars.
Mourik believes that these are only a few of the most possible applications that large-format 3D printing devices have to contribute, and is hoping to prove it this week with the T3500.
Tractus 3D aleager manufactures a range of 3D printing devices, 3D printing device kits, add-ons and accessories, with its three existing FDM 3D printing devices ranging in create volume of 22cm to 60cm, yet the T3500, with a 3D printing height of 2.2 meters, marks a dramatic leap in the startup’s contributeings. The starting price for the standard T3500 3D printing device model can be roughly €25,000, with the version to customize it with a variety of add-ons and modifications.

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