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Dutch postal services PostNL 3D prints a working trumpet during Ultimaker delivery – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 16, 2016 | By Alec

If you’ve at any time created your own 3D printing device, you can have learnt the complex way if your machine wasn’t stable adequate. The danger is that in fact the slightest nudge offset the extrusion head during printing, that can lead to layer placement where they’re not supposed to be – ruining your ideal 3D printed surfaces. This problem is what led to a few criticism when Amazon announced they were looking into active 3D printing devices in delivery trucks to optimize efficiency. But it is unquestionably possible, as a new Ultimaker project reveals. Dutch postal service PostNL has only that good resultsfully delivered an active 3D printing device, with the results being ideally playable.
This odd project has come out of the mind of 3D printing tremendous Joris van Tubergen, one of the developers/artists at the basis of widely good resultsful Ultimaker 3D printing devices. If you’ve nat any time heard of van Tubergen, he is one of the masterminds behind the Dutch 3D printing scene. Having studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University, he joined up the FabLab ProtoSpace in Utrecht in 2008, and yet works as its Creative Director. A firm supporter of RepRap open source 3D printing, this grew into Ultimaker back in 2010. “Back when Ultimaker was initially created I was running the FabLab ProtoSpace together with Siert Wijnia, who is now the CEO of Ultimaker. We held a bunch of workshops of assembling your own 3D printing device, that at the time attracted mainly techies who liked assembling robots. The fact that it may in fact print in 3D was not really why they were there,” he recalls.

Aside of producing a few key contributions to the Ultimaker concept, he in addition works as a developer, inventor and 3D printing tremendous on different types of projects and art installations. For instance, he was the initially to convert the Ultimaker Original into a Chocolate 3D printing device, converted himself into a 4-meter-tall 3D printed scarecrow, and in addition worked on an awe-inspiring life-sized 3D printed elephant back in 2014, for World Elephant Day.
For his latest project, he went for a bigger challenge on a smaller in size scale. As he announced to 3Ders.org, the challenge grew out of the confidence of PostNL, who boldly claimed that it is possible to ship an active 3D printing device without ruining the print. PostNL ships additional than a million boxs at any timey day, of all shapes and sizes. Whilst it appears pretty straightforward for the average customer, it in fact requires a massive data heavy infrastructure to get at any timeything where it needs to go. To illustrate its effectiveness, PostNL wanted to put it to the test. “And the most way to [do] that is to send a box that cannot be sent,” they say.

Challenge accepted. Van Tubergen began by designing a 3D printable trumpet that was addressed to Eric Vloeimans, considered to be the most trumpeter in the Netherlands. Van Tubergen additional created a specific box for the Ultimaker 3D printing device, to allow it to be operated within the cardboard box. That part was effortless, but the real question is: how rocky is a typical box handled during delivery? Will it injure the print in any way? As you can see in the clip at a lower place, it does take really a few bumps and knocks along the way, all of that can affect the high end of the print.

Howat any time, as you can see for by yourself, both the delivery truck and the 3D printing device did precisely what they should be doing. Eric Vloeimans tested the trumpet, and was happily surprised by the high end. Joris van Tubergen: “The sound is so amazing that most folks don’t believe it is the real sound of the 3D printed trumpet!” Perhaps active 3D printing device trucks roaming the streets aren’t so unrealistic after all.

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