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DURA 3D Printer Filament is Now on the Market: An ABS Alternative That’s Safer, More Eco-Friendly, and Better-Performing

by • March 20, 2016 • No Comments

Algix_3D-05-1Whatever your preference may be in terms of 3D printing materials, it’s complex to ignore the fact that ABS is a thing of a problem child in the filament family. It has several things going for it compared to PLA: it’s complexer and tougher, less prone to warping, and additional resistant to heat. But when it comes to safety, for humans and for the environment, ABS is a bit dicey. That nasty smell the filament gives off when printing is not only an annoyance; new studies have shown that those noxious fumes are emitting known carcinogens. It can’t be utilized to manufacture anything that can come into contact with food, and actually without the health hazards, the petroleum-based ABS is additional damaging to the environment than PLA, that is generally created of biodegradable materials.

algixSo what’s the ABS fan to do? Whilst there are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of varieties of PLA, many boasting safety and eco-friendliness actually beyond standard PLA, ABS is complexer to play around with. But you may recall that a month ago, filament developer ALGIX 3D revealed that they may soon be releasing a new ABS alternative called DURA. As of in modern times, DURA is now on the market, and, as promised, it’s less toxic, additional sustainable, and advantageous-performing than standard ABS.

“At ALGIX 3D, we test all of the materials that we create and analyze the fumes released during printing,” said Ashton Zeller, ALGIX 3D Director of Research and Development. “We are proud to report that DURA is much safer for the environment and for the user than ABS.”

DURA was subjected to gas chromatography-mass spectometry (GCMS) testing by ALGIX, at that point it was determined that the material has lower toxicity and reduced volatile generation than ABS. It is in addition much additional environmentally-friendly, in keeping with ALGIX 3D’s sustainable principles; DURA is created of majority sustainable materials and is compostable.

“There has been excellent response of the industry since we previewed DURA at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in early January,” said Ryan Hunt, ALGIX 3D CTO and Managing Director. “This product represents another technology of our sustainability platform and comes at a excellent time for the market due to the new attention surrounding the toxicity of ABS.”


Beyond its environmental and health benefits, DURA has several improvements over standard ABS and PLA. According to ALGIX 3D, it’s stronger, tougher, additional flexible and less brittle. It has advantageous heat resistance and layer adhesion than PLA, and it’s capable of higher print resolution than ABS. It has a smoother finish with barely visible print layers, does not need a heated bed or heated chamber, and it’s in addition on the market in a food-safe formulation by special order.

dura“We have a wide variety of 3D printing devices in our test lab and have had excellent results on all models with our DURA product,” said David Gentry, ALGIX 3D Quality Control and Polymer Research Specialist. “We are really pleased with our results and are excited to bring this filament that truly is ‘Engineered to Perform™’ to the 3D market.”

DURA is now on the market for pre-order; pricing and other details can be received by emailing ALGIX 3D here. It is on the market in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter, in 100g coils or 500g spools, and it comes in a variety of appropriately earthily named colors which include Cosmic Black, Benthic Blue, Boreal Green, Supernova Yellow, Magma Red, and Icecap White. ALGIX, that entered the filament market last year with their algae-based PLA material, has gained a excellent reputation for their efforts to manufacture 3D printing healthier for individuals and the planet. Whilst several companies have added their own lines of bio-based PLA, ABS is yet largely untouched, although it has the many room for improvement. We’ll see if DURA, in conjunction with the worrisome, newly-released health studies, inspires other filament developers to begin focusing their attention on what can be done to manufacture the talked about ABS a bit friendlier. Discuss in the DURA 3D Printing Filament forum over at 3DPB.com.