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Dubai Sets Up Rules and Regulations for 3D Printing in Construction, Moving Further Along the Road to Becoming the 3D Printing Center of the World

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

Dubai-SkylineIf any city is many likely to earn the title “3D Printing Capital of the World,” it’s Dubai – and that is precisely their goal. The city-state intends to become the global leader in 3D printing by 2030, and they’ve laid out a comprehensive plan to do so. The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy is the official name of the initiative that municipal leaders have outlined for the purpose of turning the city into the center of 3D printing for the entire world, and if that sounds ambitious, it is – but they’re may already well on their way to achieving it.

The three main focus areas of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy are construction, medical products, and consumer products. So far, it appears as yet the many progress has been created in construction; in May, Dubai opened the initially fully 3D printed, fully functional office assembling in the world – a structure that had taken a mere 17 days to print and two days to install. By 2030, Dubai’s leaders say, they want a quarter of the city’s assemblings to be 3D printed, and now they’re in the process of setting up a framework of rules and regulations for the implementation of 3D printed assemblings.

3d-printed-officeAccording to Abdulla Raffia, Dubai’s Assistant Director-General for Engineering and Planning and a member of the committee for implementing 3D printing in the construction sector, surveys and research have been conducted into most practices in the field, and valuable feedback has been received of companies and organizations with experience in construction and 3D printing. Next can be a series of workshops to discuss the practicalities of putting the innovation to use.

The municipality leaders re-emphasized the benefits that 3D printing can contribute the city, particularly in construction: reduced construction time, less material waste, and less manpower required, meaning that labor can be redirected towards other projects. It is a completely new approach to assembling, that means that entirely new regulations and legislation must be laid down to streamline and organize the projects that can be springing up out of the initiative. According to Khalid Saleh Al Mullah, director of Dubai’s Building Department, the city’s revolutionary approach to construction can have a primary impact on the industry.

“Therefore, this new process must be accompanied by new legislation that regulates the work in the field and in addition preserves the results of the projects that can be implemented via this innovation,” he said. “…A general frame for the laws have been laid, and the rules were may already amended to match with the new innovation.”

220px-Government_of_Dubai_logo.svgIn addition to designing regulations for 3D printing, Dubai has in addition added a rating process for green assembling innovation that can categorize all new structures as either platinum, gold, silver or bronze according to how well they meet standards of sustainability. All assemblings must meet at quite least bronze standards in order to be given permits. The program has been named “Al Safat,” after the Arabic term for date palm fronds, that were traditionally utilized as roofing materials to store assemblings rad, and can be implemented as part of the city’s plan to become the cleanest, greenest city in the world by 2050.


Dubai has sizeable goals indeed, and the two primary ones – to lead the world in sustainability and in 3D printing – go hand in hand, as has may already been shown through its solar park, showcasing 3D printed laboratories, and its 3D printed solar-powered “Smart Palm” innovation hubs. The city’s leaders are quite serious of creating the stand-out city of the 21st century, and it’s absorbing to watch the pieces fall into place, a few at a time, as they hustle forward towards their goals. What do you ponder of Dubai’s progress so far? Let’s discuss over in the Dubai 3D Printing Rules and Regs forum over at 3DPB.com.