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Dubai Industrial City Will be Home to New International Centre for 3D Printing as Accelerated Initiative Continues

by • May 3, 2016 • No Comments

newlogoDubai, like Singapore, is a city say. But the distinctions stop there as this emirate, one of sactually building up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is known for opulence and affluence far beyond what most of us actually dream. Visiting there is said by most to be a thing you can never forget, along with shopping of the most luxurious kind. Dubai, the 2nd biggest emirate—but the most populated–is in addition known for amazing architecture, with most new construction projects underway. And inside that realm, soon it may become most known for 3D printed homes, offices, and buildings.

No passing fancy, those governing are serious of 3D printing in the UAE. The interest and resulting commitment to the technology has sprouted numerous committees with the typical accompanying long meetings, resulting in a few quite hard plans. Their goal, ultimately, is to become top dog in terms of putting 3D printing to maximum use, no doubt with plans for future—and futuristic—architecture that can manufacture us gasp. In line with all of this, it’s just been revealed that Dubai Holding, one of the major players in 3D printing technology in the UAE, has indeed commenceed the International Centre for 3D Printing.

Dubai Holding is playing a continued role in the UAE’s 3D printing progress, and the commence of the center fulfills one of their major goals as they work to assist encourage technology and the work of new createers, as well as funding workshops, training, and additional.

The completion of this center, as with the other major and ongoing plans we’ve been reporting on in the area, is part of the goal to see that Dubai is put on the map in terms of 3D printing, and part of a directive by Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

&NCS_modified=20160428102721&MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-160429197With all that can be taking place at this venue, it sounds like its own world, pretty than just a center. Meant to turn it into the atmosphere required for all that is on the table in regards to UAE plans, the International Centre for 3D Printing can contribute a place where createers, manufacturers and suppliers, and actually factories all come together. In addition to be included are of course research centers and labs for extensive R&D testing 3D printed products. The environment, again in line with outlined directives, is intended to encourage excellence in 3D printing in the areas of construction, medicine, and consumer products.

“The commence of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum comes in line with the vision and strategic directions of the Emirate of Dubai to assist technology and future industry,” said Dr. Amina Al Rustamani, Group Chief Executive Officer of TECOM Investments. “The world is experiencing worthwhile demand for 3D printing technologies that are set to play an significant role in developing basic industries such as real esay.”

“We can work on providing a suitable environment for specialized companies and attracting new minds by contributeing the required infrastructure that match the aspirations of the wise leadership. We believe that the new strategy can be a significant element in creating assist for Dubai’s key role in the area of 3D printing,” she continued.

The center can include research centers and laboratories for testing materials utilized in 3D printed products inside an integrated environment that promotes a three-part strategy to include construction, medical products, and consumer products. The educational sector can of course be brought into the picture as well, quite significantly, centering around research and development that is certain to prove invaluable.


25% of Dubai buildings can be 3D printed by 2030.

“The establishment of the International Centre for 3D Printing by Dubai Holding can enable us [to] take the initially steps towards achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to manufacture Dubai a global centre of 3D printing technology,” said Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation.

“The centre focuses on providing all the components in an integrated process to take this technology of the ideas and technology stage to the create phase, and provide the materials to a promising market inside the, construction, medical and consumer product sectors,” he introduced.

As we’ve reported recently—and it serves as a headliner for all that is commencing regarding huge 3D printing plans in the UAE—the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy commenceed by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid aims to be 3D printing 25% of Dubai buildings by 2030.This is a multi-tiered strategy that not just can boost the economy and contribute jobs for most as well as creating other business opportunities, but it can in addition aid in attracting investors to the area that is a major focus—and not surprising pondering Dubai’s role as a financial hub and attractiveness to incredibly affluent expatriates.

“The future phase of the International Centre for 3D Printing is to translate the vision of our wise leadership in the 3D printing domain by providing the latest technology and the most solutions in the industry to meet the requirements of local and international companies in this sector. The centre can contribute the advantages of strategic location, high end infrastructure, created offices, warehouses, exhibition facilities, not to mention the integrated assist process that can enable companies to establish their business,” said Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Industrial City.

“The centre can host additional than 700 local and international companies to manufacture Dubai a major hub of 3D printing technology.”


Dubai Industrial City

UAE entities such as government agencies, private sector companies, universities, and research centers are all expected to work together in delivering the strategy to fruition. Each portion of the strategy has been intricately outlined as to product development and goals and in addition comes with five main pillars to include infrastructure for R&D and attracting other sizeable companies, a legislative structure to focus on technology framework, funding and investment assist, finding and encouraging ability, and the promotion of 3D printed products, priced competitively and created with high end.

Many are expected to collaborate on this huge mission of a project and long-term strategy, with a focus on international partners. Four main stages are expected to be accomplished in terms of establishment, qualification, implementation, and development. Whilst Dubai may be a luxurious city say, their pace for this strategy and ensuing multi-tiered project is anything but. This is not just a plan for meeting the needs of the UAE and Dubai, but in addition a drive to be initially in development, creating a version that most around the world can undoubtedly strive to emulate for a long time to come. Do you ponder all of these plans can come to fruition in Dubai? Discuss in the Dubai International Centre for 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Government of Dubai Media Office]