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DSM and Nexeo Solutions Enter the 3D Printing Materials Market with Two New Filaments and a Dedicated 3D Printing Division

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

dsmOne other day, another new material to add to the vast array of filaments that the 3D printing enthusiast may already has to select of. Global materials maker DSM has had an indirect hand in the 3D printing market for a while, as their photosensitive polymer materials are perfect for the make of 3D printing device filament. Those polymers have always been sold as raw material in the form of plastic granules, that are and so turned into filament by the makers that purchase them, but now DSM has decided to cut out the middleman and begin making their own filament as an end product. According to DSM, their two new materials donate “unique material performance” relative to major filament types like ABS and PLA.

Arnitel ID is a thermoplastic copolymer (TPC) with high chemical and UV resistance. Compared to typical thermoplastic urethane (TPU) filaments, DSM states that Arnitel ID contributes a higher print speed with no buckling, plus advantageous layer-to-layer adhesion than TPU, ABS or PLA. It is in addition apparently super-flexible, reaching elongation at break up to 400%. Ideal applications include electronics and sports equipment, according to DSM, yet they assume that it can lend itself to a much wider range of uses once it gets to the market.


Novamid ID is created of a PA6 polyamide that DSM has been via – in non-filament form – for years in car and electronics applications. It is a sturdy, tough, and highly temperature-resistant material, able-bodied to endure temperatures of up to 150°C, perfect for making under-the-hood car parts, according to DSM. Similar to Arnitel, Novamid ID has excellent layer-to-layer adhesion, plus its high crystalline content makes it a great choice for prints with overhangs.

1454596200365The release of Arnitel and Novamid marks DSM’s “official” entry into the 3D printing market – but the filaments are only the beginning, the company says.

“The 3D printing sector, and particularly its FDM segment, represents an amazing, high-growth market with huge potential,” said Fredric Petit, Global Business Director at DSM.

The new filaments can be sold through chemical and plastics distributor Nexeo Solutions, that is of to commence a new division specifically dedicated to 3D printing materials. Nexeo 3D Solutions assumes to be in business by May 2, and at this point it is not clear if they’ll be contributeing any products other than the new DSM materials to begin with, but it seems as yet they have each intention of expanding into a worthwhile supplier for the 3D printing industry.

nexeo-logo“Our customers can have access to a brand new range of products specifically created for 3D printing,” said Gianpaolo Armando, Vice President EMEA at Nexeo. “As a global distributor, Nexeo Solutions accomplishes an significant technology milestone on our aim to connect customers and suppliers in easy and unimagined ways.”

One thing’s for certain – a huge, multinational corporation does not open an entirely new division for only a couple of products. There’s not much more detail on the market-bodied of Nexeo 3D yet, but it’s clear that they, along with DSM, intend to capitalize on the 3D printing market. Stay tuned to see what else they have to contribute. Discuss additional in the DSM 3D Printing Materials forum over at 3DPB.com.