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Dremel Releases App to Go with Idea Builder 3D40 3D Printer, Compatible with iOS and Android

by • May 10, 2016 • No Comments

dremel appIt is not a surprise when most significant, long-established companies get into 3D printing. For software companies or 2D printing device manufacturers, a 3D printing device is a effortless progression. A company known for its rotary power tools is not one that you’d immediately ponder of as an obvious entrant into the space, but Dremel was in fact one of the first sizeable, well-known corporations to get into the 3D printing industry when they added their 3D Idea Builder back in 2014. Recently they shifted their focus towards education with the release of the 3D40, a 2nd generation of the Idea Builder optimized for the classroom.

Currently Dremel revealed that they are launching a mobile app to go with the 3D40. The app, on the market for iOS and Android, allows for students and teachers to remotely monitor printing, queue multiple print jobs and access a sizeable library of 3D versions, giving them additional freedom to integrate 3D printing into classes while in addition enabling them to explore it outside of the classroom.

“By adding a new level of connectivity for students and makers, this first-of-its-kind app broadens the horizons of 3D printing in the classroom,” said George Velez, manager of Dremel 3D Education. “We want educators and students to have multiple access points to 3D printing as classroom innovation continues to evolve.”

CgBYdgkWsAICUG2Remote printing and monitoring capabilities are becoming additional common in newly released 3D printing devices, but those showcases are especially helpful in an educational setting. With the app, users can prefer a version of the gallery, select the printing device they want to use, and send the information to cloud-based systeming servers, that can optimize the version for the prefered printing device and begin the print job, no matter where the user is. The app can and so send notifications and updates of the print system. It in addition fits nicely into the Dremel Dreams curriculum program, enabling teachers to prepare lesson plans and versions in and out of the classroom.

logo (10)Dremel can in addition be launching an ambassador program this month, in that prefered ambassadors can obtain a free Dremel 3D Idea Builder and ten spools of filament for the classroom. To learn additional more detail and apply to become an ambassador, store an eye on Dremel Education’s Facebook page for next information. The company has may already shown themselves to be committed to getting 3D printing devices and educational materials into the classroom through create competitions and partnerships with STEM-oriented companies. They’re obviously serious of education, and of the importance of building 3D printing easily accessible to students and teachers.

The 3D40 is now out of the pre-order stage and on the market for direct purchase, a bit earlier than expected – it was first slated to be fully on the market in June. You can contact Dremel through their website for additional information.