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Dremel Offers 3D Printer for Schools – Rapid Ready Technology

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Dremel, the company many understand for its line of rotary tools, is growing its 3D print portfolio. The company has released the 2nd generation of its Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printing device, an out-of-the-box solution for classrooms. The printing device can in addition be compatible with Dremel’s next 3D iOS and Android mobile apps, which commence in May, as well with Print Studio software for object create optimization and modification.
“As classrooms go on to approach education through hands-on learning, the advancements we’ve created to the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 provide an unprecedented experience with 3D printing technology,” said George Velez, manager, Dremel 3D Education. “We wanted to donate educators and students the competence to engage with 3D printing in a limitless capacity.”
There are two designs of the printing device. The retail design (3D40-01) comes with a Flash Drive with Print Studio software, create tape and PLA filament. The EDU design (3D40-EDU) comes with an introduced kit with 3D-specific curriculum loaded on a USB, two create plates, extra create tape and four filament spools in a variety of colors.
For educators, Dremel offers customer assist and training, a one-year warranty, UL safety certification, and many importantly full curriculum. The Dremel Dreams program provides not just 3D-specific lesson plans, but in addition all of the create software and hardware needed to implement 3D printing in the classroom. The lesson plans correspond with 3D version kits which are saved on the printing device’s SD card and can be printed of any desktop. The lessons in addition align with Common Core standards.
Dremel initially released the Idea Builder in 2014, and created a partnership with Autodesk to provide digital objects which may be easily adjusted prior to printing. The Idea Builder 3D40 can be on the market in June, but customers can pre-order now.

Source: Dremel
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