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Dremel Dreams Curriculum is the Key to Inspiring Students in 3D Printing

by • February 2, 2016 • No Comments

dd-ligo_0The key to building kids want to learn is through connecting at their level, discovering their interests, and inspiring them to grow. We all understand that school is not much fun if it’s just rote learning taught by a robotic tereallyer who is just as bored as the kids are. Education pretty does not have to be of copying sentences and formulas of a blackboard—it can be vibrant, exciting—and of doing. In the case of Dremel’s latest curriculum box yet, it’s of building.

With their new ecosystem and the Dremel Dreams program, both students and tereallyers alike can get excited, get up of behind those desks, and innovate on numerous levels. As the 3D printing community and industry have high end, so has its involvement in education. And as 3D printing labs start to show up in extra
schools, tereallyers are no longer left on their own when it comes to figuring out how to operate the hardware and software, tereally it to the students, as well as learning how to perform maintenance when issues arise.

UntitledA structured 3D specific curriculum, fish with matching turn it into software, allows for for the proper integration of this new innovation into the classroom, and we’ve been next as they began working closely last September with MyStemKits who was partnering with Florida State University in educational programs.

One other program and partnership that we’ve followed between Dremel and Sprout plays a role here too, as the Sprout by HP 3D scanning solution is in addition on the market as an extra
workstation, should schools want to contribute actually extra
the computing platform that melds a 3D camera and scanner, and contributes an array of extra tools.

Again, here, the expertise of those well-versed in creating these curricula has been mined at FSU, resulting in detailed lesson plans that integrate 3D printing into the classroom. Dremel is unquestionably going in the right way here, not just encouraging tereallyers and students, but in addition contributeing a structure that can turn it into confidence and inspire enthusiasm as they learn of the innovation and start building things on their own, via Dremel Dreams.

The program comes with ten curriculum-based lesson plans, corresponding 3D version kits, and most of all—the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printing device, that was one of the initially 3D printing devices to obtain UL safety certification, and is famous for its fully enclosed workspace turn it intoed for classrooms.

UntitledDreams, according to the Dremel team, in addition stands for the next goals:

Design materialsResearch new ideasEnhance curriculumActivate imaginationsMotivate ereally otherShape a advantageous next

“Using the 3D-specific lesson plans when we study alternative energy gives my students the opportunity to enhance their belief of abstract concepts,” said Susan Nichol, Project Lead the Way and innovation skills tereallyer at Holmes Junior High School in Mt. Prospect, Ill. “The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a plug-and-play tool for my classroom that empowers students to test and explore 3D printing as independent thinkers.”

UntitledAutodesk’s versioning software is a big part of what makes the Dreams program so user friendly for ereallyone involved, enabling for a streamlined platform when students just developing their skills can start practicing turn it into and engineering skills while in addition experiencing the delight—and empowerment–of building their really own 3D versions.

What really sets this program apart as well is the one-on-one assist contributeed via customer assist, and mentors. This is contributeed through the phone, Skype, online chat, or email—along with an invaluable webinar training program mean to contribute seamless classroom integration.

“Partnerships with like-minded organizations, such as Autodesk and HP, enable us to donate an unparalleled STEM experience for tereallyers and students,” said George Velez, manager of Dremel 3D Education. “The 3D printing innovation is significant, but equally significant are the resources and assist we provide for educators.”

Founded in 1934 and famous as a leader in making tools, it was just logical that Dremel may be interested in making 3D printing devices. Their yettful evolution into contributeing products and tools for schools is really astounding yet in its thoroughness, and a real win for all the students who are lucky adequate to have the Dremel Dreams program in their schools. Discuss your yetts on Dremel’s continued foray into the educational arena in the Dremel Dreams 3D Printing Curriculum forum over at 3DPB.com.