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Dremel Announces 3D40-EDU: New Second-Generation Idea Builder 3D Printer Aimed at Classrooms

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_dremel_logoWhen the media talks of delivering 3D printing devices into the classroom it is frequently in reference to via them for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curricula. And a 3D printing device is an perfect tool to use in STEM education courses: there are a lot of ways that it can add value to a classroom. Art classes can use 3D printing devices to turn it into works of art or customized display stands for students work. Teachers can take complex subjects that may be complex for students to grasp and break them down into smaller in size, 3D printable educational aids that assist them advantageous know the subject matter, like parts of the body or the parts of an engine. Shop teachers can in fact 3D print special tools or guides that can assist students learn the proper way to use the equipment.

3dp_dremel_projectRegardless of how they are utilized, 3D printing devices are one of the most versatile educational tools on the market in these times. So it is quite no surprise that schools all over the world are so ready to bring 3D printing devices into their classrooms, and that so most 3D printing device manufacturers are stepping up and in fact developing educational materials for them. From basic lesson plans to full 3D printing curricula, schools have access to a few awe-inspiring educational resources these days. But the most educational resource is always the skill to only let kids’ imaginations run wild, and nothing empowers that advantageous than a 3D printing device.

Whilst Dremel is primarily known for their highly successful line of handheld rotary tools, they were one of the initially nationally best known brand names to get into the 3D printing device game. After releasing the initially Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer back in 2014, the company has only revealed that they are releasing a 2nd generation of their easy-to-use printing device with a host of new showcases. The new adaptation of the Idea Builder is an out-of-the-box 3D printing device, with a adaptation that was optimized specifically to be utilized in a classroom setting. The new printing device is in addition going to be fully compatible with Dremel’s soon-to-be-released 3D iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as their Print Studio software that offers 3D create optimization and modification showcases.3dp_dremel_idea_createer_3d40

“As classrooms go on to approach education through hands-on learning, the advancements we’ve created to the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 provide an unprecedented experience with 3D printing innovation. We wanted to donate educators and students the skill to engage with 3D printing in a limitless capacity,” said manager of Dremel 3D Education, George Velez.

Dremel can be releasing two adaptations of their 2nd-generation Idea Builder. The 3D40-01 is the retail adaptation that can include a flash drive pre-loaded with Print Studio software, a roll of create tape for the printing bed and a spool of PLA filament. The 3D40-EDU is the educational adaptation of the printing device that can come with a few extra
showcases not included with the retail adaptation. It can include a USB drive loaded with 3D-specific curriculum and educational materials, an extra
create plate to manufacture printing multiple jobs faster, extra
rolls of create tape and four spools of PLA in different types of colors.3dp_dremel_classroom

Schools that purchase the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40-EDU can obtain customer assist, 3D printing device training, a one-year warranty and UL safety certification. They can in addition have access to the full 3D printing curriculum called Dremel Dreams, that offers their 3D-specific lesson plans, teaching guides and access to all of the create software and 3D printing complexware and materials required to implement 3D printing education in the classroom. The included lesson plans can correspond with 3D adaptation kits that are pre-loaded on the Idea Builder 3D40-EDU’s USB drive and can be 3D printed of any desktop. The lessons have in addition been created to align with current Common Core standards.

Here is a few video of how Dremel 3D printing devices can be utilized in classrooms:

The Dremel Idea Builder 3D40-01 and the Idea Builder 3D40-EDU can be on the market for purchase in June 2016, yet customers can pre-order one now. You can find out additional of Dremel 3D printing devices for the classroom here, and you can learn additional of the Dremel 3D printing curriculum and education materials here. Discuss additional too in the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.