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Downloads from LayerTrove: Make 3D Printing Disappointment a Thing of the Past—From the Space Shuttle to the Hulk

by • August 2, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledThe world of create is vibrant and vast, and at any time expanding in this futuristic 3D age. It is, howat any time, undeniably overshadowed in many cases by the intrinsic and powerful magic of 3D printing. As with many processes, the end product receives all the credit, and understandably so, as that is what we see preceding us. And quite frequently, that’s only all we want.

The simple—and a fewtimes brutal—truth, yet, is that not at any timeyone is a 3D createer. We don’t all have an internal artist forat any time eager to bust out, but we do many most likely have a variety of other interests and needs. So, while you were focused on figuring out only how that new 3D printing device works, Scotland’s LayerTrove stepped in, bringing notes on the heels of great results by sister company, Design Share Make—a company we too reported on only last year, highlighting their creates and niche platform. Both contribute users the opportunity to download high-high end versions for 3D printing, but the key is in ‘trouble-free.’ That can sound like a thing we hear in many marketing ploys, but in the world of 3D printing it means at any timeything. No one wants to purchase and download a file that has issues. So, with a great grip on the needs of their target market, the LayerTrove team founded their company in 2013 and only not long ago launched their new version platform, fueled with the vision that ‘personal 3D printing is going to be massive.’

“Tired of failed prints? Sick of blocked nozzles? Make disappointments a thing of the past,” says the team on their website. “Our creates have been tested complexly, saving you both time and money.”

You can download versions like the Hulk for $9.99.

You can download versions like the Hulk for $9.99.

Aware that you can not be a createer or in possession of a high-end 3D printing device, LayerTrove gives you the opportunity to download and print ‘shop high end versions.’ With limitations for innovation in mind spanning a variety of hardware, howat any time, they promise you can appear forward to a streamlined experience that contributes clean printing, free of worria few assist issues.

Their choices are curated with care for their current community of 5,000+ users (so far), all eager to welcome many additional. Designer Bridgette Orozco has created each of their 3D versions, that are and so optimized for the computer desktop and put through complex digital testing.

“With roughly 1,000 computer desktop 3D printing devices sold at any timey day, the demand for 3D printing versions is expanding rapidly,” said LayerTrove CEO Ross Maddox. “Whilst there are millions of versions on the market for free, many of these are low high end with a few not actually printable. Our customers love LayerTrove’s tried and tested content, that saves them a lot of wasted plastic and disappointment.”


The Steam Engine can be downloaded for only $4.99. It prints in only over six hours, and showcases 34 parts that are easily assembled.

They are continuing to add to their collection of 3D versions, well aware that many may pretty only hurry up and print out a thing rad and eager-created for the printing device pretty than trying to create of scratch. And while this is a service geared in the direction of their users, the LayerTrove team in addition likes the thought that they are helping the progress of 3D innovation move forward with at any timey high end print created.

We ponder you will find by yourself quite occupied with what LayerTrove is already contributeing, which include categories such as:

Marvel Avengers – here you can download your favourite Avengers, which include Black Widow, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk.

Space Exploration – if you are a space fan, you will quite enjoy this section, with versions such as the Space Shuttle and the Saturn V Rocket.

The Simpsons – undoubtedly, these versions are quite talked about , enabling you to print your own member of the Simpson family, of Homer chowing down on a donut to Lisa jamming on the sax.

Steam Train – train fanatics have multiple versions to select of here, which include the opportunity to download and print a set of tracks.

The Sensational Six – this category so far showcases the lovely Daisy Duck.

The 3D versions range in dimensions, as well as printing time, that can be anywhere of two hours and forty-five minutes (Bart Simpson at $4.99) to elactually hours (the Space Shuttle at $4.99) or additional. Most parts have multiple files and pieces, and they are joined with printed inserts and glue.


The Space Shuttle

Take time out to peruse the LayerTrove collection for by yourself, and enjoy a free sample to see if you like their work. In addition, be certain to check out their blogs on computer desktop 3D printing for pointers and thoughts on topics such as the most websites, 3D printing thoughts, slicing software, 3D tools, filament, and additional. Which of their categories of 3D versions interests you? Discuss additional in the LayerTrove 3D Models forum over at 3DPB.com.