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Donald Trump Greeted by Giant 3D Printed Bobblehead of Himself at Republican National Convention

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments


[Image: Cleveland Scene]

So it begins…this morning marked the official begin of the 2016 Republican National Convention, right here in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I admit I’m nervous – for weeks, both the local and national news have been teeming with dire speculation on what can take place over the course of the week the convention is here. Regardless of your political views, it’s not easy to deny that things are quite tense in the United States right now – in fact, I may say that tense is an understatement.

Whilst most news outlets tend towards sensationalism and hyperbole, it’s yet quite unsettling to hear your hometown defined as a “powder keg” or other violent and explosive metaphors. Any positive energy is much appreciated! With all of that said, yet, there are a few definite benefits to having one of the largest political events of the year (arguably, the decade) in town.

d24bc7_be128ac461bb45ef8be27102a022701a-mv2_d_4104_2736_s_4_2Obviously, local businesses are hoping for a few serious financial acquire this week, what with all of the out-of-towners staying in hotels, eating at local restaurants, perhaps getting a few shopping in. In addition to money, there’s in addition recognition, that may be a quite big deal for a few additional compact, lesser-known companies attempting to get off the ground. One of those companies is Freshmade 3D, a Youngstown-based 3D printing service bureau of an hour outside of Cleveland that specializes in rare car parts. For the occasion of the RNC, yet, they stepped away of their usual work to manufacture a fewthing quite various – a life-sized, 3D printed Donald Trump bobblehead.

Backed by the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber, the project was a collaboration between Freshmade 3D, Youngstown State University and Humtown Products of nearby Columbiana. Bobblehead Trump, at 7 feet tall and 300 pounds, is in fact larger than life-sized. The body, that was printed of fiberglass-reinforced sand, took of 30 hours to print, according to Rich Wetzel, additive making coordinator at the Youngstown Business Incubator. The head, printed in plastic, took 225 hours, with Trump’s notorious hair being printed separately. The entire statue was coated in aluminum. It is valued at nearly $35,000.

Bobblehead Trump now stands outside of Quicken Loans Arena, home of the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers (I’ve been waiting for weeks to work that into an article a fewwhere) and center of the RNC. He’s an astounding presence, glaring and nodding at passersby and gleaming bright silver. He’s not easy not to notice, that is precisely what his creators want. Representatives of Freshmade 3D, the Regional Chamber and Humtown Products can be hanging out with Bobblehead Trump all week, offering information of 3D printing to anyone interested.


Rich Wetzel (L) and Guy Coviello with Bobblehead Trump. [Image: WKBN]

Freshmade 3D has may already seen an increase in business thanks to the publicity the project has gotten them. More requests for car parts than usual are beginning to come through the site, according to Wetzel, and the publicity and ensuing benefits for the company are most likely to increase a lot additional in the near next – not just for the reason of this week, but for the reason the company and their partners can in addition be printing a life-sized bobblehead of Hillary Clinton for the initially presidential debate, that can take place in September in Dayton, Ohio.


[Image: WKBN]

“What I may like to see ultimately out of this is that whoever wins invites us to the White House and we do a really great news conference and we go on to spread the word that the Mahoning Valley is the capital of 3-D printing,” Guy Coviello, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Regional Chamber, told the Business Journal.

With the Youngstown Business Incubator giving rise to several expanding 3D printing beginups, it’s fair to say that the Youngstown area, in addition home to America Makes, is a significant 3D printing hub, if not the capital. You can learn additional of Bobblehead Trump and Bobblehead Clinton – and watch a time-lapse video of the printing system – at the 3D Printed Prez website. What do you ponder of the bobblehead thought? Discuss additional in the 3D Printed Bobblehead forum over at 3DPB.com.