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Donald Trump Also Thinks 3D Printing is Important

by • April 28, 2016 • No Comments

GettyImages-520268708-640x480This week, a thing happened that may quite well have been a historic moment: President Obama and Donald Trump agreed on a thing.

In fairness, they may have agreed on other things in the past. In fact, they have; both have expressed the opinion at one time or another that the war in Iraq was a bad thought, so perhaps this week wasn’t so historic. Whatever. Let me have my dramatic opening statement. So what was this magical, reaching-across-the-aisle, bringing-the-people-together issue that these two quite various politicians agreed upon?

3D printing! Mostly, that it’s significant and excellent.

You’ve most likely heard, most times, of how President Obama has referred to 3D printing as significant, or as the upcoming industrial revolution. Trump, in his 2nd official foreign policy speech, that he delivered earlier this week, went a step additional to say that not just is 3D printing excellent, but America is the most at it, and we should use it to crush our enemies.


“We can spend what we require to recreate our military… We can create, create, and purchase the most equipment known to mankind,” Trump noted. “Our military dominance must be unquestioned — and I mean unquestioned by anybody and equitebody. We require to ponder smarter of areas where our technological superiority – and nobody comes close – gives us an edge. This comes with 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and cyber-warfare.”


And it’s not all 3D printed guns, either.

Whilst a few may not agree that “nobody comes close” to the United States in all of the innovation, it’s in no way a surprising statement of the “Make America Great Again” presidential candidate, who, in most ways, has shown himself to believe that America is quite excellent may already. So how can 3D printing assist us win wars? Artificial intelligence and cyber-warfare are simpler to imagine having an impact on how our military operates, but 3D printing?

Well, certain. The military has been interested in 3D printing for a long time, and has may already been putting it to use in multitudes of applications that are most likely to alter not just the way our military engages with the rest of the world, but how it affects our own domestic industry and economy. I’m additional interested to learn additional of Trump’s thoughts as to how we can “ponder smarter” of these technologies and use them in ways that we aren’t already. We can unquestionably benefit of new thoughts of cyber-security, preceding we actually get into cyber-warfare of any kind – I’m less convinced of America’s superiority in that arena, thinking how frequently our government agencies get hacked.

Just preceding he began talking of innovation, Trump promised that ISIS can be eradicated quite much as soon as he becomes president. If he has a way to incorporate 3D printing into that plan, I can’t wait to hear of it. You can see the entire speech below: