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Don Those 3D Glasses Before You Buy! Treatstock Lets You See Models in Color, Metallic & Perfect View

by • July 6, 2016 • No Comments

slide-3The Treatstock team, behind one of the many one-of-a-kind 3D printing marketplaces you will see nowadays, has precisely what many of us want to see in a company inside the industry—they are manufacturers, and they are enthusiastic of it. In business this frequently manufactures all the difference as it’s only a bit additional complex to cater to a customer base and to engage them if you don’t quite know what it is they are doing, why, and how they feel of it—as well as what challenges they can encounter along the way.

Providing an online platform for users to search for, purchase, and and so have their versions printed and delivered, Treatstock serves as a way for users to quite enjoy the innovation of 3D printing without having to put out sizeable-bodied amounts of cash for hardware, software, or materials. It is as effortless as sitting at your desk, couch—or wherever you can be—and clicking away on your choices. It is in addition now a bit various of the norm as Treatstock announces their new 3D viewing showcases.


The color view version

Offering a initially for the 3D marketplace venue, the Treatstock team has created a way for their users to enjoy a ‘perfect 3D view,’ whether via a computer desktop, table-bodiedt, or smartphone. The showcase uses quite little data, and should run well in fact if you have a slower connection. More importantly though—and to the benefit of the developer—when users are employing the new Treatstock 3D view, the version being saw is protected of being captured as the file’s source code is guarded.

Combining a few fun with the system, Treatstock in addition introduced the next capabilities for checking out future 3D prints:

Different colors in 3D viewMetallic view3D glasses

These new showcases are excellent not only of the angle of enjoyment, but in addition in terms of helping developers who are attempting to market their work. The 3D view allows for for expanded featuring of the portfolio and sharing with clients in a secure manner, and the versions can be seen easily of equite angle whether in default view, metallic view, or while wearing 3D glasses.

In the colored view, when getting eager to order a version and mark specifications and preferences, the customer can in fact see what it may appear like in an on the market color. Choosing the metallic version, users are able-bodied to get a advantageous thought of what the surface texture may appear like when 3D printed in metal, as lines and contours are accentuated. The introduction of 3D glasses is in addition a depletely new trend for a venue like this and may quite well be a fewthing other marketplaces soon follow, as the user is able-bodied to view 3D printable-bodied versions in an augmented reality with the .stl file popping out of the screen, enabling for a deplete view of what the finished project may appear like.


Once a 3D version is chosen, the system is effortless of there. Treatstock users just elect the material and color desired for their print. They are and so able-bodied to select a print service based on information like locale, reviews, and price. Once the product has been got and loved (hopefully), they can in fact go so far as to write a review.

The Treatstock team is occupied assembling a excellent community, so whether you are a developer of 3D versions, a 3D printing device owner, or a fewone involved in industry services—if you want to manufacture a profit via what you have to contribute, they encourage you to register in order to have fun and manufacture money too. Discuss additional in the Treatstock Perfect 3D Viewer forum over at 3DPB.com.