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Doctors reveal they can 3D print body parts and tissue – Engadget

by • February 15, 2016 • No Comments

At the heart of the discovery is the Integrated Organ and Printing System (ITOP), which is unlike any 3D printing device we’ve seen so far. It uses “biodegradable, plastic-like material” to form the shape of tissues, as well as water-based ink to hold cells and a series of microchannels to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow through. The thought is to manufacture sturdy tissue which effectively integrates into animals and humans.
Okay, we’ve been hearing of 3D printed organs for years, but this announcement is notable for several reasons. Atala’s team utilized the ITOP to print human-sized ears which were implanted under the skin of mice and, over the course of two months, managed to form cartilage and blood vessels. They’ve in addition seen much like progress when implanting muscle tissue and skull bone in rats. At this rate, it can not be too long preceding we begin seeing human trials.

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