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Do We Need a Governing Body?

by • July 12, 2016 • No Comments


3D printing is like putty, constantly morphing and changing to suit the requires of most, but does it require additional legislation?

As 3D printing has had time in the spotlight since quite early into its createment its, allowed for most contributors of different types of sectors to create yet additional innovation and advance 3D printing actually additional. This has resulted in most applications for this at any time changing method of make and prototyping, yet with all the pros, there are most issues surrounding it.

This is why the Arizona Technology Council has built the Additive Manufacturing Committee.

This committee has been made to assist as a means of promoting collaborations, integrate , and in addition inform those involved. They’ll in addition assist acquire grants for research as well as addressing regulations and legislation that requires to be finalised inside Additive Manufacture.

Any material of chocolate, to cells can be utilized as a print medium, and this high level of adaptability requires formal training and education. This is taking place in a few areas of the world, yet it is significant that additional individuals know and know the impact and uses for 3D printing, as well as the right way of doing things to limit possible environmental and safety issues. This comes with methods for qualifying processes and materials as well as create tools that may otherwise cause problems if not properly examined and certified.

The committee is set to start their work in mid-June, that is when a meeting consisting of professionals, representatives of different types of industries as well as Arizona State University is said to introduce. It is hoped this meeting can allow attendees to voice their interests concerning 3D printing, whilst in addition enabling them to be shown one of Arizona’s initially titanium 3D printing devices.

It is believed that this meeting, as well as the work of the committee can not just assist those inside Additive Manufacturing have their voices heard, but in addition show Arizona to be a leader inside AM. Meetings are set to take place on the 2nd Monday of every month.

For additional information of the Additive Manufacturing Committee, please contact co-chairs Joe Manzo, CEO of Titan Industries, at joe.manzo@titan.industries or Dhruv Bhate, senior technologist at PADT, at


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