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Disney working on a super-fast 3D printer that creates objects instantly – International Business Times UK

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The filing says: “The apparatus comes with a print chamber and a liquid print matrix such as a photo-curing resin positioned in the print chamber. The apparatus comes with an optical assembly focvia light into the print chamber in the form of a real image whose light initiates a curing process for a volume of liquid print matrix to form the 3D object.
“In this initially 3D printing device create, the 3D printing device acts as a high-speed 3D copying machine for the reason it uses an optical assembly or a set of optics that relays a volumetric real image (versus a virtual image) of the existing or target 3D object into a vat holding a volume of photo-curing liquid or resin… [This] causes a portion of the liquid to be cured in a just of instantaneous manner.”
Less waste, less fuss
Traditionally, 3D-printed objects are drawn layer by layer in order to donate them time to dry, that can take hours. But, Disney’s patent may counter this issue by creating entire objects at once, that may and so be rapidly-set and may therefore be lifted of their moulds approximately immediately afterwards.
The filing explains: “Presently, 3D printing is incredibly slow and time consuming. For example, it may take several hours to print a single 3D object that is just several inches in diameter and four to twelves inches tall. So, there remains a need for 3D printing methods that can generate a 3D object with increased speed while retaining or actually improving on the high end of the 3D object.”The 3D printing device directs light at the photopolymer resin to set models rapidlyUSPTO
One other benefit of the printing method proposed by Disney is that it does away with the need for assist structures. In layer-by-layer methods, 3D printing devices need to create material at a lower place overhanging parts of a 3D model (think outstretched limbs and the like) in order to prop them up. Not just is this a waste of printing material but it in addition lengand sos the production process as these structures need to be removed afterwards. In Disney’s create, the object may be assisted by the surrounding resin and mayn’t therefore need extra
“In several testing operations, a 3D printing device via photo-curing liquids has been proven effective in generation 3D objects in several minutes or less,” claims the filing.
DIY Disney?
Disney has filed a number of much like patents related to 3D printing technologies. The many obvious reason the company is so interested in the tech is that it may allow it to churn out merchandise rapidly and cheaply. On the other hand, the company may be planning a much like move to Mattel by offering a way for kids to 3D print their own licensed figurines at home.
One other possibility – and we’re being purely speculative here – is that Disney can be looking to turn it into vending machine-like printing booths where you may get your own Disney figurines printed on the spot. Fanciful maybe, but not entirely out of the realms of possibility.
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