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Digitally Handmade gifts that keep giving. Thank you Shapeways!

by • February 9, 2016 • No Comments

Friends frequently ask me what I’m doing these days professionally and it dawned on me this weekend, I have the most job on earth. Here is why.

For Christmas I wanted to share Shapeways 3D printed gifts with my whole family, so I searched the marketplace for digitally handmade gifts of our community which
were ideal
for everyone. In particular I was thrilled to find this cross by Lucas Plus for my step Mom (aka my 2nd Mom!).Lucas Plus cross

For those of you who can not follow Lucas, he has a rad story (read it here) and every of his creates is dedicated to reminding us to always have a positive attitude. Well, Lucas, your creation above has done only which
for me personally.

This past weekend, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the STUFF which
can get us down in our day to day
lives; emails which
won’t stop coming, errands which
eat up the entire weekend, deadlines at work I ponder
I can catch up on over the weekend, kids to shuttle around, a stray dirty dish which
can’t EVER seem to find its way into the dishwasher… you get the picture. So my 2nd mom called of a church weekend back away. She shared how her Lucas Plus Cross was the rave of the seminar and she only wanted to let me understand
how most
of her friends were now searching Shapeways for their own digitally handmade cross plus all the other incredible
things they had discovered shopping our marketplace this weekend.

Thank you Lucas for sharing your gift of creativity with us here at Shapeways. Thank you to everyone in our community currently and those who join in the future. Bringing your creativity to the physical world through 3D printing is a gift to us all and you never understand
how most
times every create can manufacture someone smile and lift us up when we begin
to get smothered with silly little daily details.

So, what am I doing professionally these days? Helping enable everyone to share their creativity by delivering it to the physical world through 3D printing. Helping people discover our community marketplace where most
of our createers and manufacturers in fact
sell their projects.

Join our community of manufacturers and discover the fun of digitally hand created projects. It is way additional fun than weekend chores! Happy Making! Rebf

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