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DesktopHero Lets You Create Your Own Characters To 3D Print For Free (video) – Geeky Gadgets

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Desktop gamers that have access to a 3D printing device can be interested in the new service called DesktopHero, that is already being created and can soon be on the market for free that allows for you to create your quite own customised computer desktop gaming characters.
Once created your gaming character can and so be exported and printed on your 3D printing device enabling you to add a one-of-a-kind edge to your computer desktop games, adventures and dungeons without massive costs involved.

Check out the video at a lower place to learn additional of the service and software application that is being created by Andrew Stockton.

Have you at any time created up a character in your head, and wished you may manufacture that character real? Physically hold them in your hand? DesktopHero is a web app that lets you easily create your own characters for 3D printing. You begin with a basic 3D figure – and so add armor, clothes, hair, and weapons, crafting your hero onscreen.
When you are done, you can download the file and get it 3D printed into a real, physical object – to paint, to hold, to use in games… to store on your desk and stare at while you should be working… 😉 DesktopHero lets you turn your ideas into a physical reality, and we ponder you will love it. Features include :
– It is Free and it’s Yours. Once you create a character, you can download the file for free, and so use it howat any time you want – which include commercially.
– Make as Many as You Want. There is no limit to how most characters you can download! That means you can manufacture multiple versions of a character with various weapons or clothing, or print an entire party of various characters! It is yet free.
– It is Easy to Use. We’ve tested this on middle schoolers and adults alike – no artistic or 3d modeling skills required. Just use the buttons and sliders in the app to load assets and poses createed by our artists.
For additional information on the new DesktopHero service jump over to the Kickbeginer website for details by next the link at a lower place.
Source: 3DP : Kickbeginer
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