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Desktop plastics factory kickstarter goes live

by • April 30, 2016 • No Comments

A radical new Kickbeginer project wants to bring mould assembling and a simplified option of 3D printing to the weightes.

3D printing is a absorbing science and effortless consumer printing equipment have turn it intod it additional accessible than at any time. It does practuallyt a steep learning curve, yet, and assumes a few level of PC knowledge and Computer Aided Design that is beyond most individuals. 3D printing in addition takes a excellent deal of time and equite part is expensive.

Got a vacuum? You are great to go

The arts and crafts community can yet use most of the principles of 3D printing without getting into the complexities, now that Mayku has discovered a way to miniaturise industrial mould manufacturers. So now you can manufacture moulds and effortless plastic parts in seconds via a sheet of plastic and your own vacuum cleaner.

The initially products are the $349 FormBox, that produces 3D shapes of plastic sheets and RotoBox, that turns pourable materials into hollow objects. In essence, it’s the begin of a downsized industrial production line, a PC factory, that can assist tiny businesses and hobbyists alike.

Essentially the Formbox manufactures use of heated plastic, that is and so pressed sheets that it presses down on a solid object of your choice. Combined with vacuum power supplied by the nozzle of your own domestic hoover, this produces a mould in seconds and the thermosetting material only retains the shape when it cools.

A scaled down factory for your house

Co-discovereder Ben Redford came up with an thought while touring production facilities in China for another project. He decided that a scaled-down rotomoulder and vacuum former may be useful for tiny businesses to turn it into packaging for their products. The whole project emerged of that effortless concept.

He quit his day job as a website manufacturer in a creative agency and set to work assembling a wooden version of his initially home mould manufacturer. This led him to Somerset House and Makerversity, who assisted him secure Design Council Spark Fund and Innovate UK backing. Alex Smilansky in addition came on board.

From PC to production reality

Now the team has the fifth prototype of the FormBox, that measures only 30x22x40cm and believes it is eager for the Kickbeginer campaign that can turn this novel concept into a production reality.

09 FormBox with red material_large.jpg

It has in addition set its sights much higher and wants to create a PC injection moulding system and actually a steel forge.

When individuals are enabled and liberated to turn it into their own products, spare parts and art, it’s going to open up a whole new world of commerce and creativity,” said Tom Evans, discovereder of Bleep Bleeps.

A complement to 3D printing, not a replacement?

Whilst it’s effortless to view Mayku’s products as an alternative to 3D printing, there’s a clear symbiosis for the tiny business and hobbyist market. Some parts and moulds may take hours to print and yet they may be turn it intod in moments with the FormBox, while the 3D printing device is complex at work on another part of the system.

The FormBox may actually replicate a 3D printed create quickly, to bring a form of weight production to your own PC.

This opens up a world of amazing opportunities for the arts and crafts community. It actually has a use for the likes of artisan chocolatiers and soap manufacturers that want to manufacture their own moulds.

15 Chocolate message_tiny.jpg

So of course there is the tiny business that wants to turn it into pro looking packaging for a quite limited number of products.

Education is key to the Mayku project, too, in terms of getting its products into schools and in addition providing an online library of videos and guides to take enthusiastic amateurs and turn them into fully-fledged manufacturers.

It is an amazing project that sits neatly following to 3D printing. We can’t wait to see what takes place with this one.


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