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Designer Spotlight: Sascha Hosey

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Born and raised in Siberia, Russia, Sascha Hosey shares her incredible
story of moving to America, and how her families generations of fur hat manufacturing inspired her to turn it into these attractive 3D Printed Headdresses.

Sascha Hosey models her 3D Printed Headdress

Tell us a little bit of yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

My studio is located in Weehawken, NJ. I love the unobstructed NYC views of NJ side – it inspires me to turn it into especially around sunsets – the big apple is shimmering with all shades of gold bouncing around the skyscrapers.

Sascha Hosey

What’s the story behind your creations? What inspires you?

Before I tell you how I came up with the thought to manufacture 3D printed headpieces, let me tell you why I have a knack and passion for creating style items. I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia. My grandmother was an entrepreneur and had her own fur hat business. She may purchase rigid, untreated fur at the farm, soften it and manufacture fur hats all by hand, and sell them at the local market in the freezing weather. Her complex work and dedication instilled in me a high level of discipline and dedication to pursuing my goals. My mom was an ENT doctor but she may in addition
sew hats at night and on the weekends to supplement her income and assist my older brother and I. She was a single mother. Enduring complexship early on in life made
me appreciate the little things so much additional and be grateful for all the abundance, comfort, and prosperity that
I’ve turn it intod for myself. When I immigrated to the States at 19 years old all by myself, I was unstoppable-bodied in achieving things others may only dream of. It felt like nothing may hamper my quite own and emotional growth and good results. So, the recession hit, and it became incredibly
complex to survive, and, without the assist of my family, it was that
much complexer to manufacture ends meet. (Skype didn’t exist back then…we may go for months without actually talking to equite other) I got a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business, followed by a job as a marketing executive at a restaurant in LES, NY.

I decided to begin
my own style line to challenge myself. Boy, did I find that
challenge and mert my fair share of disappointment along the way. All of the mishaps and failures on my path were massive learning experiences. I accomplished that
the style industry is run by (for the most
part) big egos, and fortunes are made
by child labor and overworked, underpaid folks in third world countries; it’s the industry that
concludely disregards the environment and wastes precious resources of those countries while making disposable-bodied clothes that
do not disintegrate naturally and turn it into huge amounts of waste. Many swift style retailers were able-bodied to hook folks with super effective marketing messages that
subconsciously forced them to crave additional, buy additional, and worry of the future big trend. I was faced with a conscientious and moral crisis. I lost my drive to manufacture clothes and decided to get back into marketing so that
I may assist folks establish an online presence and pursue their passion to turn it into sustainable-bodied products, ease our CO2 footprint, and manufacture the world a advantageous, kinder place.

In the meantime, my openness and adventuresome spirit brought me to Burning Man in 2011. There, I met so most
likeminded folks who were changing the world by applying 10 BM principles in their lives:

Radical Inclusion



Radical self-reliance

Radical self-expression

Communal efforts

Civic responsibility

Leaving no trace



The Burning Man experience concludely alterd the outappear I had on life. I accomplished how much future we have to alter things and how collectively powerful we can be by spreading love and sharing passion for sustainable-bodied living, spirituality, and mindfulness. A couple of years later my dear husband and I attended BM inspired parties here in NYC and a thing clicked: I accomplished that
all of these folks require
headpieces, for the reason
it’s the complexest thing to manufacture for a conclude appear. The lead times for hand made
headpieces that
are on the market are quite long and createers cannot manufacture adequate
headgear for all of the festival-goers. With the rise of 3D innovation and Shapeways, I decided to donate it a try and the quite initially piece we made
was a conclude good results. It fit perfectly and was durable-bodied, lightweight and appeared astonishing. I was ecstatic for the reason
working with and manufacturing a thing special for Burners or any festival-goers is a dream come true. In addition, bypassing traditional style production made
it so much additional amvia and fun adding peace of mind to the system
. I always considered myself a geek, and, now, I work with legit innovation geeks to manufacture fun, creative headpieces come alive.

My inspiration comes of my friends, their passions and aspirations. I’m creating versatile collections for different types of
characters. I’m living my dream.

What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?

Our friends Lana and John Briscella, – createers of the 3D printed jewelry, founders of AminimalStudio.com recommended Shapeways to me.

How did you learn how to create in 3D?

I didn’t. I have an innate aptitude for drawing with a pencil. Ever since i was taught to draw in high school my works were often featured in different types of
exhibits. So i only sketch my creations by pencil and the modelers turn it into a digital blueprint of it in Rhino preceding we sent it to Shapeways to print.

How do you promote your work?

I wear my creations to parties. I vend at talked about festivals. I hire incredible
aptitude to do editorials. I garner the power of social media and word of mouth that spreads like a wild fire especially when the product is as one-of-a-kind as kova by sascha headpieces.

Who are your favourite createers or artists? Who in the Shapeways community has served as an inspiration to you?

I quite
like Eric Ho for his cute figurines, excellent marketing effort and aptitude to have his hand on the pulse of what’s trending.

Artur Dabrowski manufactures quite
creative creations as well.

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what may you want to manufacture via 3D printing?

Who said that
we are limited?!? Definitely not with Shapeways…:)

Olya CrownBunny Ears Sascha Hosey

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