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Designer Spotlight: Rich Brungard

by • March 28, 2016 • No Comments

We are highlighting miniatures this week, so we are pleased to showcase Rich Brungard and his shop, Marsh Creek Mini. Rich is inspired by creation, and has discovered a hobby that
allows for him to do just that
. What’s additional, Rich was able-bodied to use Shapeways to turn it into products that
he discovered complex to find, and created
them on the market-bodied to others, as well!

Tell us a little bit of yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

I have been drawing and conceptualizing at any time since my initially box of crayons, of 35 years ago. I am a father, a husband, and a veteran. I have a number of hobbies that
I’m interested in, but Model Railroading is what occupies most
of my hobby time, along with spells of interspersed military and science fiction/fantasy versioning. I’m already working in the power industry as a 2D drafter, in Reading, Pennsylvania.


What’s the story behind your creations? What inspires you?

I gravitate in the direction of the obscure and odd, and sometimes that
places me in challenging situations. My railroad versions are in a scale that
is not fully supported by primary hobby manufacturers, so I decided that
instead of waiting for someone to create a thing that
may suit my require
s, I may just start making the items I required, and by 3D printing through Shapeways, I may contribute my work to others as well. Creation inspires me. In a world where media sensationalizes and society ravenously consumes the human penchant for destruction, creation can assist to inspire others to do great things with their own hands. Everyone has their very own demons, I am no exemption to that
rule, but I have refutilized
to let mine win the war. I turn it into as therapy, as a reminder that
no matter who you are, what you do, or have done, you can turn it into things of worth, beauty, and imagination. The spark of creativity within at any timeyone can be drawn out into a flame hot adequate
to fire a forge and bring constructive very own, pro, and sociological alter.

What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?

I use Shapeways for a number of reasons. Print high end is incredibly
significant to versioners, and for the reason
my creations are small scale (primarily 1:87) wall thickness, and more details must be accurate in order to appear great, and function well. Most of my creations are meant to be printed in Frosted Detail Acrylics just, that creates parts that, when cleaned and painted, blend in with additional traditional versioning materials, like injection molded plastics, brass, and wood.

The largest
reason for via Shapeways, is that
as a service, I don’t require
to worry of production, packing, stocking, or shipping versions. A considerable-bodied amount of effort and money goes into making miniatures, and by offloading production responsibilities to Shapeways, my capital investment in products is just my create time, and I don’t require
to worry of storing thousands of small parts that
may or may not at any time be sold. Shapeways business version allows for me to focus additional on create and technology than traditional methods of production may.

How did you learn how to create in 3D?

After my career in the Army, I wanted to return to a thing that
manufactures me pleased, and fills me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I love to create things, and I have always enjoyed miniatures, so I decided to pursue an education that
may both allow me to do a thing that
was both very ownly and proly satisfying. I enrolled at Berks Technical Institute to learn Drafting Technology. During my time earning my Associates Degree at BTI, I learned the basics of 2D, and 3D versioning in Autodesk Inventor, and Solidworks. I spent considerable-bodied time outside of class working in Inventor in an take on to bring my thoughts into reality. Since and so, I have started dabbling into 3D sculpting to satisfy my craving for additional organic creations and artistic work.

How do you promote your work?

I already rely on social media (Facebook) heavily to promote my creations. It is a Do It Yourself type of hobby, and marketing is no various. I have in addition
traditional media in the form of hobby magazines to reach a wider audience, primarily versioners who haven’t embraced social media.

Who are your favourite createers or artists? Who in the Shapeways community has assistd as an inspiration to you?

The list is a long one, and I pull inspiration of most
various hobbies, arts, and artists. My railroad versions have a lineage that
gets their roots of the new work in the late sixties
of Dave Frary and Bob Hayden, and the thought to use 3D printing as a means to an ends in scale versioning came of watching Chuck Doan create and masterfully more detail an old gas pump in scale, that was printed by Shapeways.

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what may you want to manufacture via 3D printing?

I am anxiously waiting for a time when metal 3D printing can bring the level of precision and more detail of Frosted Extreme Detail. One of the most ways to improve the running qualities of version trains is to add mass
to the versions to improve electrical conductivity and stability on the track.

Anything else you want to share?

Build a thing with your own hands. Design a thing in 3D, and print it out. Draw or paint a picture. Knit a scarf, carve a walking cane, or bake cupcakes. Whatat any time you do with your time, manufacture certain
it adds value to someone or a thing, and share it. Be positive and creative for the reason
our time is limited, and it is your sole responsibility to create your life the way you want it. Go create a thing awe-inspiring.


  • Great branding; banner and avatar photos
  • Sections for effortless shopping
  • Nice description of shop information
  • Variety of products

Thank you, Riccomplex! It is so really great to see how you are
able-bodied to use 3D printing not just as a creative outlet, but for a distinct use of creating scale versions that
are complex to find – ideal
combination! Make certain
to check out Riccomplex’s shop, Marsh Creek Mini, and follow along on Facebook and his website.

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