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Designer Spotlight: Gordon Lardi

by • March 13, 2016 • No Comments

For this weeks developer spotlight we are showcasing Gordon Lardi of Rip and Tear. Gordon’s love for sculpture led him to createing his own art and, with 3D printing, a few day jewelry! Learn additional of his system
and inspiration at a lower place.

Tell us a little bit of yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

My name is Gordon Lardi. I have been an Industrial Designer over 10 years living in Coral Springs, Florida. I have worked developing products in a variety of fields my favourite of which
is jewelry. It was my love of manufacturing sculptures out of clay and metal which
led me to the creative field of Industrial Design.


What’s the story behind your creations? What inspires you? I ponder
may agree which
the majority of my creations have a masculine feel but a fewtimes I try to get in touch with my feminine side. My largest
inspiration is nature. I am always surprised
how most
create problems have may already
been solved in nature and I try to tap into which
whenat any time possible. I am in addition
inspired by the unlimited possible ways which
you can you can fill a donaten space. Just when you ponder
each avenue of art has been tried, a fewbody comes up with an thought which
is ground breaking and which
donates me hope which
there are limitless creations which
are just waiting to be accomplished. A tip I may donate to other artists is which
the high end or beauty of your work is not neccesarily related to the amount of work put into it, but pretty I find the most thoughts are the ones which
seem so easy which
you smack your head and say “Why didn’t I ponder
of which

What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?

5 years ago a fewone told me of Shapeways and it inspired me to open my store, Rip and Tear. Not until of 5 months ago I succeded in an email which
said I have sold a thing and which
was a ring and the just thing I had in my store which
I had forgotten of. This and the fact which
3D printing has created so swift in which
time inspired me to go back and upload other works I had done as well as unleashing a new surge of inspiration in the system
. How did you learn how to create in 3D? I was added
to 3D modeling while getting my Bachelors Degree in Industrial create of 12 years ago and have been hooked at any time since.

How do you promote your work?

Today I use Facebook to promote myself as well as word of mouth through friends and family participants
. Who are your favourite developers or artists? Who in the Shapeways community has served as an inspiration to you? I don’t understand
their names but I am quite impressed by the creations of Apple and Ferrari. I am equally impressed by a few of the developers here at Shapeways. If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what may you want to manufacture via 3D printing? I may love to have a printing device which
may create assemblies via multiple metals particularly memory metals and silver with an faculty to over mold or inlay opaque or translucent enamels or wood. Anything else you want to share? I feel lucky being a developer in this day and age of emerging 3D technologies and am quite excited to see what the next brings in my lifetime and my childrens’.


  • Nice photography; both product and contextual shots (especially excellent for jewelry)
  • Lots of products, but those with photos are organized to the top of the shop, renders have are yet on the market but are pushed to the end of the shop
  • Sections for simpler shopping
  • Great shop description

Thank you, Gordon! Great shop, store up the excellent work! Don’t forget to check out Gordon’s shop, Rip and Tear. Show you assist on Facebook! To be featured, email aimee @ shapeways.com.

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