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Designer Spotlight: Austin Robey

by • July 10, 2016 • One Comment

This week, we are putting Brooklyn based developer Austin Robey on the map. New York City is understand
n for its spectrum of personality and we love how Austin Robey’s products capture this quite essence. Austin takes concepts that
may otherwise be transient or out of sight, such as a winking face or city landscape, and transforms them into bold, tangible creates. In fact, if you take a appear at his shop, you can see that
his 3D emojis were intended to be held in your hand. He’s in addition
iPhone cases of talked of NYC and Brooklyn neighborhoods, so you and your emojis can never get lost again!

Tell us a little bit of yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

My name is Austin Robey and am located in Brooklyn, NY. I have an academic background in architecture, a pro background in createing jewelry and accessories, and now have a studio called Make Mode, that assists folks realize fun and inventive product ideas through digital create and 3D printing. As a side project of our 3D create services, we wanted to manufacture a Shapeways keep of a few fun products we createed. It is in addition
called Make Mode.


What’s the story behind your creates? What inspires you?

I am inspired by the immediacy of 3D printing and its aptitude to assist folks rapidly
realize product ideas. It is unquestionably a catalyst for technology. That being said, I in addition
enjoy the challenge of createing products around the limitations of 3D printing devices (size, material, cost). The idea of producing a product that
can be manufactured locally on demand is absorbing. We idea that
producing 3D emojis may be a fun project for the reason
it quite
represents what is fun
of 3D printing – bringing a fewthing digital and producing it physical.

What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?

Shapeways has created an incredible
infrastructure to create and donate 3D printed products. It is marketplace allows for us to sell products that
we may not create ourselves. It in addition
serves as a useful service for iterative testing of creates.

How did you learn how to create in 3D?

I was added
to 3D create tools while studying architecture at Pratt Institute. Architecture is excellent, but working in an architectural practice didn’t interest me, so I applied 3D create tools I learned in academia to other disciplines. I use Rhino, Maya, and Zbrush.

Who are your favourite developers or artists? Who in the Shapeways community has served as an inspiration to you?

I am inspired by the create community in New York City. Two folks I understand
of Pratt Architecture are doing quite
work: Francis Bitonti and Brad Rothenberg. Joris Laarnman manufactures quite rad digitally fabricated furniture. In addition, a few creates that
are coming of Nike research and development are fun
– like their 3D printed duffel bag.

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what may you want to manufacture via 3D printing?

If it wasn’t so expensive, I may want to create and print my furniture. Or perhaps
3d print a few additional 3d printing devices.

Thank you so much for sharing, Austin! Don’t forget to check out Austin’s shop, Make Mode and website.

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