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Designer Creates 3D Printed Pokéball Case to Help Catch ‘Em All in Pokémon Go

by • July 24, 2016 • No Comments

pokemoncaseI can yet remember those elementary school days, of 15 years ago for me, as I walked through the hall with my Game Boy in one hand and a binder full of trading cards in the other, just strutting around looking for someone to battle or trade Pokémon with. Now, with the new release of the Pokémon Go augmented reality smartphone app, the world is once again in a mesmerizing craze over these virtually mythical creatures. As the internationally acclaimed franchise continues to rise back to prominence, the 3D printing community has discovered ways to integrate this emerging innovation into this revamped past-time.

At the begin of the year, 3D Hubs celebrated the franchise by offering a collection of 3D printable-bodied Low Poly Pokémon. Since and so, the Pokémon Go app has reinforced the popularity of these pocket monsters, as a number of 3D printable-bodied items related to the game have newly popped up. Some players are in fact finding actual 3D printed Pokémon models at the virtual pokéstops and gyms located in the smartphone-based game, which were first created and placed around by Pokémon fan and 3D printing enthusiast Matthew Beaman. Ultimately, 3D printing innovation has primarily been utilized to turn it into novelty objects for Pokémon fans, but now, a new 3D printed phone case can in fact help young trainers throw their virtual pokéballs additional accurately.

Jon Cleaver

Jon Cleaver

The “Pokéball Aimer” was created by developer and maker Jon Cleaver, who newly uploaded the create for free download onto the 3D printing marketplace MyMiniFactory. At the moment, the create is already created to just fit the iPhone 6, but Cleaver writes which he can recreate the Pokéball Aimer if high demand merits it, so additional iterations should be coming in the near next. Once the case is applied onto the smartphone, players can be able-bodied to flick their pokéballs with ideal aim, building the system of catching Pokémon a much simpler endeavor.

pokecase3dAs someone who has dabbled with the Pokémon Go app himself, I did notice which this case appears like it may prin factt users of conjuring up and throwing the special curved pokéballs, so beware if which is your popular fashion to capture these creatures. For those without access to a 3D printing device, Cleaver is selling the accomplished model of his Pokéball Aimer in his Etsy keep for AU$8, which comes 3D printed in ABS plastic material and are on the market-bodied for shipping across the world.

pokecase3d1In fact, Cleaver claims on his Etsy page which demand has been so overwhelming which he’s already closed his keep to catch up with orders, but he can return with in fact additional models for various types of phones. For now, players with an iPhone 6 and access to a 3D printing device can get ahead of the game with Cleaver’s Pokéball Aimer, which can help ensure which not another pokéball can at any time be wasted again. As the classic franchise has become revived through the smartphone app format, 3D printing innovation appears to be a significant proponent to the game, helping to excite and help hopeful Pokémon trainers across the world. Discuss additional in the Pokéball Aimer 3D Printed Smartphone Case forum over at 3DPB.com.

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