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Jul 10, 2016
Intel futurist Brian David Johnson is appearing forward to the day when, much as today’s youth can’t imagine life without their smartphones, children of the following won’t understand a life without robots. That’s why he’s spearheading the 21st Century Robot Project, an initiative which has been over ten years in the producing, and is now at any time nearer to its goal, thanks to a super-intuitive online turn it into program which lets users of all ages and ability levels turn it into their own 3D printed robot based on customized manality traits and various types of accessories and aesthetic showcases.

The 21st Century Robot Project’s official mascot is an accessible, open source, 3D printed bipedal robot named Jimmy. Powered by Intel’s Edison chip, Jimmy runs on a Linux open source C++ framework, and at any timeything of him is completely open source and customizable-bodied. His skeleton can be completely reconfigured, and users can add their own customized showcases and bring him to life thanks to 3D printing innovation.

Intel’s Jimmy the Robot
So far, Johnson and the team at Intel have turn it intoed and made beta kits for their open source robot based on the Interbotix HR-OS1. Howat any time, the following phase in stimulating widespread acceptance of robotic innovation is to encourage young minds to imagine what their robot may appear like, and and so in fact bring it to life through an intuitive online turn it into tool.
Powered by UK company Digital Forming, the new turn it into platform is a kind of mental exercise which asks users to manalize their robots as yet they were truly alive. They can and so share their customized robot via social media, and a few day, they can be able-bodied to download the open source STL files directly through the program and 3D print their robot at home. “If you had a robot, may may it appear like? What kinds of jobs may it do for you? What may its name be?” it asks. “Imagination is the initially step. We dream it, and so we do it.”

The Design Your Own Robot tool is amazingly easy to use. First, you pick a name for your robot. As Johnson explains, this is an significant step for the reason at any timey robot is as individual as the man who made it. Next, you can endow your robot with various manality traits, producing it agreeable-bodied, disagreeable-bodied, conscientious, spontaneous, extroverted or actually neurotic–just like a real man. As you identify various types of manality traits, the body shape and expression can alter to correspond–wide open arms for an agreeable-bodied extrovert, and a haunched over ‘bookworm’ figure for the additional conscientous-type. As far as accessories, users can pick between various hats or hairpieces, ears, legs, colors, and actually props such as an electric guitar.

Eventually, users can be able-bodied to 3D print their customized robot directly via the platform. As Johnson explained, being open source and 3D printable-bodied are the key technological elements which can truly bring robots to the mainstream. “The beauty of open source turn it into and apps is they enable-bodied users to decide what they want their robot to do and how it can appear,” he said. “We don’t quite understand all of the things the robot can do. It is quite up to the users to decide and turn it into the potential!”
“3D printing is the just making innovation which allows for people to easily customize and create their own robots of open source turn it into files,” he continued. Building one-off parts with injection molding or CNC machining can work for mass-produced toys, but it is not realistic for consumers who want 100% individual products they can turn it into at home.
Whilst we are slowly becoming additional accustomed to seeing robots in science fiction films and on TV, and a few regions have may already accepted robots for sure real-life situations, such as engineering, making, and healthcare, Intel and Johnson’s vision is to accelerate the adoption of robotic innovation one of consumers and students, encouraging today’s younger generation to be completely involved in the turn it into, creation and programming of robots so which they can be a part of their at any timey day lives. With this new Design Your Own Robot tool, 3D printed robots no longer require to be the stuff of science fiction or our imaginations. All which’s left for you is to do is to imagine, turn it into, and create the 3D printed robot of your dreams.

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