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Design Your Own 3D Printable Insoles with Gensole, a Free Browser-Based Tool from Gyrobot

by • June 30, 2016 • 11s Comments

8671155_orig3D printing has turn it intod awe-inspiring things possible in the field of medicine, but obviously many of those things aren’t possible for the average manufacturer to turn it into at home. 3D printing may be democratizing producing, but it’s not necessarily democratizing medicine, and that is a great thing, for the many part; as much as I love producing things for myself, I’d yet pretty a medical pro handle my knee replacement, should I at any time require one.

There are exceptions, howat any time. Whilst things such as implants and other surgical procedures are most left to the pros, there have been a few amazing, life-changing devices turn it intod by average manufacturers with no special medical training – just appear at the e-NABLE community, for instance. 3D printed prosthetics fill our headlines constantly, and while they tend to manufacture for a few of the many informative stories, they’re not the just assistive devices that have been turn it intod vastly additional accessible by 3D innovation.

Insoles may not be the many glamorous thing in the world, but their importance shouldn’t be overappeared. Properly fitting, well-turn it intod insoles can manufacture all the difference for a man suffering of foot, leg or back pain, and 3D scanning and printing has turn it intod it increasingly simpler and cheaper to create orthotics and insoles customized to the individual wearer.


Design engineer Steve Wood of Gyrobot Limited has been responsible for a few of the many new, informative 3D printed insole innovation we’ve seen – such as the thermoformed Flexy-Form insoles. He’s in addition created a few astonishing 3D printed prosthetic devices. Now he’s come up with a new invention that manufactures custom insoles actually additional accessible to the average man. Gensole is a free, browser-based tool that allows for you to create your own insoles, optimized for FDM 3D printing via TPE/TPU materials such as Filaflex.

SolemorphUsers can either upload their own foot scan, or they can work with one of Gensole’s templates to create their insoles. The adaptable templates can be altered to fit the user’s requires (see instructions here). The tool was created through a combination of four technologies that Gyrobot has been researching:

Form-fitting insole utilizing “Solemorph,” a system that shapes the upper surface of the insole to match a foot scanVariable density insoles, printed with areas of thicker or thinner mesh to offset high-pressure areasOpen/closed core insoles, that allow the version of which include perforated holes in the upper or surfaces for advantageous airflow and stimulation of blood cellsShoe profiling, that empowers the adjustment of insole curves to match individual shoes

“There has been a lot of development work with 3D printing insoles in the past couple of years by Gyrobot, and now is the time to separate a branch of that work out to a dedicated site,” says Wood. “Gensole is the resulting box that takes all that knowledge and wraps it up into an effortless to use software create and print solution.”

Whilst the templates do not include the capability to create orthotic corrections, you can add your own corrective elements by uploading and modifying a foot scan, as shown in the video below:

Once you’ve created your insole, Gensole can export the .AMF file to Slic3r, where it can and so be sliced and printed at home or at your local 3D Hub. Wood has in addition uploaded the basic insole files to Thingiverse, in case you’d like to print them out and get a feel for them preceding createing your own. He in addition encourages all users to upload and share their own manufactures to Thingiverse for the community to see. Are you interested in new insoles? Discuss over in the 3D Printed insoles forum at 3DPB.com.